What type of blogs make the most money

So you finding a blog niche that will make money for you. Or you have already blog just want topics/niches to blog post.

There are many types of niches that will generate big money but not for everyone.

For Big Money = Big Traffic 🚥

You read correctly you need website traffic for making money from the blog.

And also do not ignore to monetization of the blog, Improving the contents, marketing blog posts on social media sites for getting the best traffic. And if you want traffic from Google search then you need to fight with Big Guy called SEO( Search Engine Optimization).

OK, That’s enough our topic is types of blogs that make big money.

Let’s find the topic,

Best niches that’s a big audience and makes more money.

1] Blogging:

Just writing about Blogging, SEO, Affiliate Marketing, Blog Traffic, How to start a Blog.
How to make big money from blogging blah blah blah.

Of course, the Blogging niche also makes money.
Because every new person searches “How to make money from blogging”.

And in the blogging niche, there are many bloggers who teach blogging from there courses that cost money to you.

They make money from mostly affiliate Marketing, Ad Sales, And selling blogging stuff to people that most buyers are new to blogging.

And I don’t think that you need to buy any blogging course because in the 21st-century knowledge can acquire free on the Internet I mean search on Google, Youtube, and find yourself.

2] Health and Fitness:

It is not just a topic it’s a big common thing in every person. It is a need of every person.

You can start with niches like Yoga, Gymnastics, Diet, weight loss and there are many topics.

You need to get knowledge of these niches before starting a blog because you’re going to write those things your reader will start following you.

You know that weight loss & Diet is most searchable on Google, Is a big Industry Niche.

And it is an evergreen niche.

3] Personal Finance:

Another big industry only for money.

In this time without money life is nothing.

How to save money?

Where do I invest money?

All things about making money and how to use money.

People need correct guidance for this if you can give this start a blog.

4] Food :

I don’t think that food blog will work just writing recipes, you need to start a video channel on YouTube.

On Youtube, it will earn big money.
But you also need hard work.

5] Lifestyle:

Writing something improvement in life areas.
There are many niches Home Decor, Gardening, Travel blog.

Or you can write your lifestyle that no one can be reading until you are not a celebrity.

6]: Beauty and Fashion:

If you know how to make up. This for you then.

Is mostly big things in young girls and woman.

From cloth wearing to beauty care all contains in Beauty and Fashion.


People love this type of blog it is mostly clickable articles on social media.

It’s writing any topics but Headlines need catchy and attractive. Thumbnail is eye-catching.

Like “10 think in World…”

8] News and Politics:

Everyone needs to up to date and you’re going to provide this.

You can start with some areas of news and unique presentation.

If you really want to start a blog start quickly don’t waste time finding niches.

But you need to work hard in starting of the blog until you make any Penny.

And Don’t Give Up when you fail sometimes.

What type of blogs make the most money

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