Google Page Rank – What Is Page Rank? And Some Common Myths Answered

The topic of Google Page Rank involves calculating a website’s importance according to a given list of keywords. A website’s page rank is usually calculated based on how many times a given keyword appears on a given page. However, this is only part of the calculation, as the other factor is being used to determine a website’s importance. The other part is the quality of a website’s content, landing, and overall site structure. The importance of a site is usually qualified as page rank.

Page Rank

A page rank of a website is usually the ranking that is assigned to it by Google. This is equal to how popular a site is because it is shared by other sites. The page rank of a website is calculated through this formula.

 Divided by the number of pages of the website, times the number of links to the website times the page rank.

The calculation will return a number between 0 and 10. It is not uncommon for a page rank of 4 to go up to 6. It is mostly attained by creating backlinks, which will also be shared by other sites. However, do not create links to your sites with irrelevant topics. Google’s analysis is divided into two parts when it comes to promoting high-quality sites: on-site and off-site optimization.

On-Site Optimization

Optimizing your site on-site is a way to tell Google what your site is about. This includes its overall structure, internal links, and content. Title and content are two of the most important elements to consider. You need to create your site’s content to not only be interesting, but unique. In that way, you can tell Google’s algorithm what your site is about.

The URL of your site is also important. Local search results are now potentially going to be more common in the future. A URL like bestsmallbusinessopportunity (dot com) is more likely to be thought of as a directory website, whereas a URL like smallbusinessopportunity (dot com) is more likely to be thought of as a business website.

A good way to score high on Google’s PageRank is to have a large number of high-quality backlinks, that are relevant to your site’s content.

Where to Get Back Links

There are several ways to get high links. Other websites may wish to link to your website, as a way of saying ” thanks for stopping by”. However, this is very difficult to influence and will take a very long time. Instead, the best way for high-quality links is to write articles and press releases.

Articles and Press Releases

A good way to get links for articles and press releases is to submit them to the article directories, such as The site provides a “resource box” for interested website owners to copy and paste an URL back to their website.

The “resource box” is actually a back-link for your website, which will be featured on the article pages. If your article is syndicated by other websites, they are likely to post your article, with a link back to your site. This is commonly referred to as a “viral link”.

Another good way to get links in this way is to submit a press release by hand to various free press release sites on the Internet. is particularly good for doing this.


The most important thing that can be done to get increasing your site’s incoming links is to produce interesting, relevant content. produce interesting, relevant content such that other webmasters will want to link to yours. This is most easily possible if you have a blog that is regularly updated and publishing new content. Search engines will find your site more useful if they see new content is published frequently.

You can also increase your incoming links by submitting your site to web directories. Many of these directories are free, but others like Yahoo charge around $299 a year.

These are probably the best ways to get good links and increase traffic to your site. Again, it’s probably best to consult with a professional SEO company that knows more about the art of link building, and how to get the most from your site.

What to look for

Check for any signs of black hat marketing on the site. If the links to your site have no keyword content and are even in the name, the search engines may decide that the site is involved in spam. The worst thing that can happen is for your site to be penalized.

Consult a professional search engine marketing specialist about acceptable link-building strategies and how to build backlinks. They can build quality links that will ensure your site gets better recognition in the eyes of the search engines and by allowing potential customers to find you, your business, and your products more easily.

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