What is Freelancing? How you Can be a successful freelancer?

Do you wonder, what is freelancing? Well as you have come here let’s assume that you have some time and want to yield a golden harvest out of it.

 So, in this article of freelancing breakdown, we will be discussing all the aspects related to what is freelancing and how you can build a career by following the freelancing path.

I will provide tips, pros, and cons, how to get started, categories, and subcategories for you to get started.

It is a big topic to cover so, we shall start now!

But first:

What is freelancing in simple terms?

For me freelancing is the process about how you can self-employ yourself and make productive use of your time and learn something.

In recent times due to the pandemic, there is a lockdown in every country and because of that reason, freelancing has got quite a lot of attention.

Advantages and disadvantages of freelancing.

Advantages of freelancing:

1. Flexible working hours

It doesn’t matter how many hours work you work. You always get to choose how many hours to work and you also get to choose that when will be that hour to work.

Suppose you work 7 hours every day but you miss Monday’s work then you can add one hour to every day in that week and then you will almost cover 7 hours loss without any loss in your career as you would have with a traditional business.

2. Job flexibility

Another major advantage of freelancing work because if you often travel in your country then you will face difficulties while switching jobs but with freelancing jobs–Nah! This is another story.

3. You choose your own clients

Yes you can always choose with which client to work with and with whom you don’t want to work.

This is also an advantage of freelancing because if you have a bad client whose temper is not professional and you don’t like to work with what he/she tells you to. There and then you can just stop working with him/her.

4. A lot of Exposure

You will always get to work in a wide variety of arenas. You are also able to work with clients worldwide thus establishing a global online presence.  If you are a freelancer then you while with the traditional business you are always confined within the four walls.

5. Freelancing can help gain knowledge

It’s true because if you are a freelancer and you work for many people in different categories you are sufficiently gaining enough knowledge for pursuing a real-time office job in the future.

6. Not being a victim of nepotism

While in the office if you work you can be a victim of nepotism as there is always some kind of nepotism/politics going on either for a job promotion or less work.

7. No time wastage and savings

While doing freelancing, you don’t need to waste any time attending these stupid meetings and doing all those Red-Tape based things.

Moreover, you don’t have to spend money on your car’s fuel which you would have while going to the office and coming back home.

 And, you will also save time because you wouldn’t have to be in the traffic for long and fear of entering the office late and being marked absent.

8. Safe net

You will always have a safe need to be with you because if you lose a word from your regular ka client you can obviously acquire new clients by putting in enough hard work.

9. Income is all based on you

Now in office, you often get a particular post for which you work. If you work very hard in that designation which you have, you will never get more money. You will just get the exact amount which is already set for you but in freelancing, this is something else.

Here The amount of time and amount of effort you give in the same amount of money comes back to your pocket.

What are Disadvantages of freelancing:


This is an unwritten truth of freelancing.

 As you would have had interaction with your fellow office employees in freelancing the opposite happens although it can be relieved to a little extent by using social media.

2) Not getting all benefits

As you would have got health insurance, vacations, and official holidays e.t.c. In freelancing, you will not have these benefits and you would have to watch your own back during your sick days or holiday.

3) Inconsistency of job

There are thousands of freelancers on freelancing platforms providing the same service as you provide.

So it will be hard competing!

4) Landing on your first job

As there are many freelancers in a freelancing platform the first job is very difficult to get but if you manage to get the first job and a 5-Star review from the buyer you may get jobs in the future.

What does it take to be a successful freelancer?

The answer is going to be simple but will be a bit lengthy. So, here we start.

#1 A skill in a particular Arena

Having a skill is necessary because there are many competitors out there and for you to stand out from them and to get a job you need to have something special in you.

If you don’t have one yet go and build it. Now.

#2 Good communication skills

It doesn’t matter  in which category you work is whether it be web designing, writing or tutoring.

Every time your clients contact you through the inbox you need to reply to them and that reply is a huge factor which will decide that you will get your job or not.

As English is spoken by a majority of the people in freelancing platforms it is highly advisable to learn the English language to a level where you can at least communicate easily.

#3 Develop a good portfolio and online presence

If you have a portfolio in only one freelancing platform you are currently using. Then you might want to broaden the horizons and expand your portfolio by creating your own website.

Creating social media profiles like on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and all other places wherever you can.

 Build a portfolio where you just have ratings and feedback from your buyers as it will help in the future to get a job.

Think of it this way, whenever a person sees your services and makes up a mind to purchase something from you he/she will a hundred percent view the ratings and feedback of previous buyers prior to him/her.

#4  Don’t plagiarize

It is the worst form of crime, more specifically it is the worst form of ethical crime a man can commit.

 You should never plagiarize content from other freelancers.

#5 Responsibility

You need to be very responsible for your work. You can never afford to stop your work for silly things and the deadline should be your only focus.

#6 Time management

Yet another factor which takes to be a great freelancer!

While working from home as a freelancer we don’t commit ourselves to the discipline to which we formally take in the office and thus we get lost.

To make sure you do your work on time regularly you must make up a habit of it. If not then quit freelancing and join a traditional business or an office job.

#6 Honesty and high ethical standards

“Honesty is the best policy” this is not a maxim for nothing it has high significance and values. High ethical standards are also a part of it so you need to maintain a balance.

If a client asks you to keep his/her work confidential and not to share it as a sample to your future clients. Then, you need to keep your word, not only by saying with your mouth but also by actually applying it.

 If you keep somebody then, somebody else will kick you too.

Beware of Karma!!!

What kind of jobs can I do as a freelancer?

I will break down each category and the possible subcategories in them.

So, that you can choose what you can pick one which sits you the best.

1》Graphics & Design

Here we have many opportunities because every day a newly formed company is looking for graphics and designs for their brand identity to establish a strong online/offline presence.

The  subcategories are:

  • Logo designing: This is the most influential and important part of a company. So, every company is in the search of a good logo to represent its brand. If you’ve got enough skills then you must try in this category.
  • Art & Illustration: an illustration is of course a strong way to represent an idea and presented to the world. Presentation is a strong way to make your audience remember what you want to speak to them. So, the same goes here. If you have got enough skill you can get into it.
  • Photoshop editing: Ah! Everyone likes Photoshop whether it be a kid or an adult but everyone never has the skill to operate it. If you have the skill to do some editing you can easily land on your job.
  • Architecture and Building Design: New buildings are being built every day and building requires planning and if you have that experience of doing such work then you are surely going to earn big bucks.

2》Digital marketing

The shortage of talented marketers and high demand is growing in 2020. So let’s take a look at the available jobs in the Digital Marketing category.

  • Email marketing: This is another important and newly emerging way to spread brand awareness.  If you are interested in jobs like this then it is highly advisable to take a small course and then jump into it.
  • SEO marketing: SEO marketing is in high tide nowadays because ever since the emergence of technology, websites have been building day by day and this has caused Google to enforce algorithms that allow only quality content to be displayed on the SERPs. This exact factor is the cause of why there is a need for talented SEO marketers in our world.
  • Content marketing: This is also hype today and is the best fit for you
  • Podcast and music promotion: Same as others but it needs a properly laid-out strategy and innovative ideas to do the work. This too has potential.


For me freelance writing jobs are the most available and most paying jobs.

The work is also easy if you have enough experience of course.

Again dive into the different categories:

  •  Articles and blog post: more than 500 million blogs that existed in 2019 and ever since then it has only grown so you can not figure out how much work can be available. By the end of this article, there will be many new sites formed. Although, it is easy it requires talent because many other freelancers are also there.
  •  Proofreading and Editing: For example, a website on YouTube has an owner who is Russian but his publishing content in English and as English is not their first language they have many errors in their content. So, if you have good command in English you can seriously make some money.
  • Book and e-book writing: Many publishing houses nowadays look for freelancers because they work fast and are efficient.  If you have experience in writing stories this can be a good job opportunity for you.
  • Translation: With the emergence of the internet Global traffic of a site has increased. Hence, if you have a stronghold of any two languages of the world you can start translating, and as this does not have much competition it is really high paying.
  • Product Descriptions: people nowadays paint to shop online. And because of this trend brands need product descriptions so that they can hook their buyers and hence if you can write product descriptions you are going to make some money and it also doesn’t take much experience.


Real bargain nowadays because every brand requires good pictures to be displayed on their website or for their productions.

  •  Product photography: As I said before because of the online shopping trend. There is a competition of different brands selling the same product so if you can photograph them, they are going to pay you.
  • Local photography: Freelancing sites now offer local photographers to photograph some particular cities for which buyers pay them.

5》Video and animation

Videos animations and also now got prominence in the freelancing industry

So, here I present you with the list of the categories which you can choose from.

  • Video Editing: If you know video editing you are lucky because YouTubers always look for cheap and quality editing services and once you grow your reputation you can raise the price.
  • Explainer video: 2D explainer videos are on the high tide now because they are many companies that hire people to make explainer videos for them.
  • Subtitles and captions: Great job and requires little experience.
  • Music videos: Another job for people with creative minds looking for an opportunity.

6》Technology and Programming

  • Mobile app development: Everybody has a mobile in their hands. So, obviously they “need mobile apps”.  So this is also a great freelancing job in 2020.

It requires serious responsibility, experience and knowledge.

  • User testing: If you have got a good internet and have time. This is a good thing for you because all you need to do is to download/open the buyer’s website/app and provide analysis. It requires previous experience.
  • Game development: Game devs now look for other devs to collaborate online. Sufficient knowledge of coding and a little experience will certainly help you to get started.

What are the Best Freelancing Platforms?

I’m glad you asked me! So, here is a short list of freelancing platforms you might like to join:

#1 Fiverr

Is Fiverr the best?

Yes because it offers a wide variety of services. It is good both for sellers and buyers alike.

Fiverr is a place where you can easily find work, unlike other websites you won’t have to bid here. Instead, it is like a shopping market where buyers just go and grab what they like.

Fiverr is also good because of its safe transaction methods.

#2 Upwork

Upwork is formed by Elance and o-Desk. It is of course a worthy site to check out.

Here you can get job opportunities from reputable companies such as Microsoft, Dropbox, Airbnb e.t.c.

It also has a built-in invoice maker.

#3 Freelancer

It has over 30 million active freelancers Who have contributed to make Freelancer the largest freelancing community.

It has a nominal processing fee of 10%. Which is less than any other platforms.


Freelancing is tough, I admit it. But if you can get hold of the tough part and start to take advantage of your skills. You will be successful and that’s what I can assure. Not only in freelancing but in every aspect of life hard-work always pays off.

You can now get to work on the top 3 sites I mentioned above. All you need to do is sign up and start selling whatever you are good at.

This was quite a long read. So, thanks for sticking around with me.

What is Freelancing? How you Can be a successful freelancer?

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