What is a lifestyle blog? How you can be successful?

What is a Lifestyle blog?

What is a lifestyle blog, what makes it different from regular blogs? Is it for everyone? How you can be a successful lifestyle blogger? This blog has answers to all these questions.

A lifestyle blog is a website that regularly reflects the thoughts, practices, and experiences of the author’s everyday life. It is a different niche. In the year 1990, blogging was introduced to the people. In this blog, we will discuss some factors that are vital for you on the way to become a successful lifestyle blogger.

A lifestyle blog doesn’t mean it’s a personal blog. Personal blogs nowadays are usually a result of a hobby, and very few people tend to make an income from these. In 2020, a lifestyle blog is not about your life; it is based on your interests, with a hint of personal habits, practices, and thoughts. Lifestyle blogs have less reality because it helps your readers to achieve their dreams. Lifestyle blogs should contain easy-to-read content and should be full of attractive and relevant images. Let’s start with the tips that will help you succeed as a lifestyle blogger in 2020. There are so many lifestyle blogs, according to a source: a new lifestyle blog is created every half second.

Here are some examples of successful lifestyle bloggers:

1. A Beautiful Mess

This blog was started by two sisters Elsie and Emma from the Midwest. It is one of the most popular blogs at the moment. The blog mainly focuses on Home-décor ideas, cooking, and art.

2. Cupcakes and Cashmere:

This blog is owned by Emily Schumann. This blog started from beauty, food, and fashion and has now grown to a massive business including its very own Clothing store.

3. Love Taza:

Naomi Davis based in New York city owns this blog. This blog consists of family adventures, food, and traveling.

4. A Cup of Joe:

Joanna Goddard started this blog as a side hustle and now has a team of writers. The blog is mainly about Fashion, food, relationships, and tourism.

5. Aww Sam:

This blog is written by Sam Ushiro, an industrial designer, stylist, and Donut lover. It also has a very catchy name. The blog is about bakery stuff and crafts.

6. Chasing Foxes:

Grace and Silos are the creators behind this blog. They produce easy to read posts about food, traveling, and style with a touch of life skills.

Tips that will help you succeed as a lifestyle blogger in 2020:

1. Post frequently:

Frequently posting is a very important factor. You have to make a post every day; otherwise, you’ll lose the audience. The audience wants to see how you live, what is your timetable, what is your skincare routine, what do you do for losing weight, what food you eat. So, keep them engaged by making good content frequently.

2. Unique content:

Your content has to be engaging and sound unique, but it isn’t easy to manage all these things. So make sure that your content SOUNDS unique, even if it’s not. When people see the same lifestyle, they get bored. That’s human nature. So make sure you make unique content. Remember your target audience while making a post. Don’t let nervousness overcome you. If others can, then why can’t you?

3. Proper advertisement:

You want to sell a product. Nobody knows about it. So what do you do in this case? You advertise your product. Similarly, you are a lifestyle blogger; at the start, very few people will know you. Although your content is nice and you post frequently, this still is not good enough. You have to advertise your blog properly.  For advertising, AdSense is usually a go-to platform for beginners, but I recommend using Mediavine because it is more beneficial.

4. Grow your following:

Make sure you have a good audience. How to build a good audience? Promote your blogs on Social Media. Ask your friends and relatives to promote your blogs. Remember, every person in your audience is an asset. Every single person is respectable and valuable to you.

5. Finding a name that suits you:

You have to get a nice, catchy name. It should not be more than 14 characters long and it should reflect a hint of your niche. So, think of all the possible names that are unique and can be used as your domain name. Write them down and choose only one, the one which best suits you, the one which is perfect in every aspect, and the one that is easy to spell and remember.

6. Highlight your skills:

Highlighting your skills is very important. Your skill is something that you know about better than anyone else. So the audience can count on you as they think you are an expert in that field. If you have a masterpiece, highlight it on your website’s Homepage. Use Google Analytics to see which of your posts is more popular among people.

7. Choose a platform:

All your hard work is nothing when you don’t have a platform to share it. Many free and premium platforms allow you to share your blog. WordPress is the most popular platform for this purpose. Acquire all the information about that platform. Choose wisely.

8. Content planning:

Plan your content regularly. Decide what your plans are for this week. What should be the topic for this week? What topics have you covered? Most importantly, what the people want you to show them. If the audience wants to see your diet plan, show them your diet plan.

9. WordPress Theme:

Your WordPress theme plays a great part. It distinguishes your content from others, makes you stand out, and attracts traffic. Make it unique. So now you have unique content, unique themes so you can grow more quickly. Generally, paid themes are more beneficial, but it’s all up to you.

10. Write an About page:

Writing an About page can make a difference. But it requires creativity. Tell people where do you live, who are you, what is your marital status, what is your environment, what is your religion. Tell them about your beliefs, your interests, your likes, and dislikes, who is your inspiration. But remember you are not selling a product here, so, be true and honest.

11. Interact with the audience:

In your starting blogs, give people your brief and genuine introduction. Tell them why you stepped into this field, what type of content they should expect from you, and how frequently your content will be published. Tell them what your favorite products are. When is your birthday?

12. Follow other blogger related to your niche:

Following other bloggers related to your niche is not a matter of shame. You can get lots of inspiration and a hell lot of ideas. You can seek their guidance also. Ask them to help you personally. Convince them to introduce your blog to their audience.  This can make a huge difference.

13. Establish a social media presence:

 Interact with your followers on Social media such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube, etc. Show them you’re behind the scenes, ask them what they want you to do for them, and give them tips and advice. Ask them how you can improve your service. Ask them what their interests are. Find a way to connect with them.

14.  Include a comments section:

By doing this, the newcomers or people who don’t know about you will be able to access your information, and this can make a great chance to convert them into your new followers. Ask your followers to provide you feedback. Always appreciate constructive criticism. Critics can make you stronger. They highlight your flaws. That’s great. So you know your weaknesses then get started with converting your weaknesses into your strength.

Tell the audience about why you started blogging. What were the opportunities at that time? What were the hardships you faced? How you worked hard? Help them in growing. Maintain a reader-friendly environment. Ask about the requirements of the audience. Ask them to provide you feedback. Feedback is very important.

15. Create a unique logo:

Making a unique logo can also help. You can make a logo for free on many websites and applications. A good logo acts as the face of your blog. If it is attractive, stylish, and unique, you can get more traffic. But if not, your job will become difficult.

16. Be Real:

Now, this is the most important part. You have to be real and honest. Don’t fake yourself. You are the one who makes your blogs unique. Be humble; it never hurts. Don’t show off, don’t brag, and don’t tell lies. Speak what truth is. Nobody loves a liar. Be an optimist. Show positivity. Hide negativity.

17. SEO optimize your content:

SEO optimize your content to help it rank better. Better ranking ultimately results in more traffic. Keep on growing. There are no limits to success. Make your content well optimized and reader-friendly. Avoid long sentences and paragraphs. Instead, use short and to the point headings.

18. Be Kind:

Keep in mind the expectations of your audience from you. Ask them what they wish you to do for them. Treat all the audience kindly. Use soft words. Clear your mind always before you start working. Tell your followers how much they matter to you. Never disrespect any follower. Avoid making hate speech and promoting negativity.

19. Never Forget that Patience is your key to success:

Blogging isn’t a piece of cake. It needs time to grow. Following all these steps can make the growing period shorter and easier for you. You can’t become a blogger overnight. You’ll have to be patient. Don’t lose hope. If you think that you are too small to make a difference, then think about sleeping with a mosquito. It’s very small, yet it makes a difference always. Why? Because it does nothing but tease you and bite you, but it is best at its job. That’s why it makes a difference.

If other people cheat, ignore them. Be honest with yourself. Things take time. All these billionaire companies took a long, long time to get at this stage. It’s going to take your Sundays, and it’s going to take many parties, it’s going to take many things but not for long. Only a survivor wins the war. You have to compromise over somethings. All the hard work is going to pay off. You will absolutely get the fruit of your blood sweat. And then there will be tears of happiness in those eyes of yours.

20. Highlight your masterpieces on your Homepage:

Tell people why they should choose you over others. What are your distinctions? What they should expect with you. Set your goals. Ask yourself Can you do any better than this? If the answer is Yes, then do it. Now that you are putting in a lot of effort and hard work, you’ll start generating an income in a matter of time. And that income in no means would be less. You’ll have little work, easy work, and more income. You can fulfill your dreams. Buy your kids some fancy clothes. Go on a world tour with your family. Meet your worldwide followers everywhere you go. You can have it all, with a few years of hard work.

Some Random Tips:

  • Beware of hackers, don’t let them harm you. Protect your website.
  • Hold giveaways and meetups to get your followers engaged with you.
  • Ask companies to sponsor you if they are interested.
  • Give honest reviews on the items you use in your daily routine. 
  • Start a newsletter. Regularly Email your followers.  
  • Keep experimenting with new tricks and techniques.
  • Launch merchandise under your name. Add an online store to your website.
  • Secure your content before it gets hacked. Backup your content regularly.
  • Read online articles and E-books to help you gain an understanding of how things work.

Question 1: What is a lifestyle blog?

Answer: A lifestyle blog is a website, which has the power to inspire its audience with the personal experiences of the author. People follow lifestyle blogs because they are relatable, they see a reflection of themselves in those blog posts. In simple words, it is a depiction of all things going on in your life that has the power to inspire.

Question 2: Is lifestyle blogging for everyone?

Answer: Yes, without a doubt. Big things come to those, who have the power to take initiative. So, take a leap and start your lifestyle blog today.

Final Thoughts

So those are some simple tips and tricks that can help you get started and making money on your blog. And I am sure now you clearly understand what is a lifestyle blog. When it comes to blogging because that pertains to everything your entertainment what you do on a daily base is what you do on weekends what you do with your friends how you hang out with your family. Blog about all that stuff and more. Keep it personal, and you will stand above the competition certainly.

If you have any questions, get in touch as I’m here to help you with anything you need. Leave us a comment; we love hearing from you.

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