How to Track Changes in Google Docs

          Google Docs is a common choice for editing and collaborating on content, as it is open to anyone with Wi-Fi and a Gmail account. For many persons and organizations, one of the most substantial reasons for using Google Docs has been the inability to work with the ‘Track Changes’ feature of Microsoft Word.

In July 2014, when Google implemented complete integration of ‘Track Changes’ with Google Docs and the potential to add ‘Suggested Edits’ to Google Docs for quick real-time collaboration, all of that changed. When a Google Doc is downloaded as a Word document, Suggested Edits now also appears as a ‘Track Changes’ markup.

‘Track Changes’ displays edit being made to a document in Microsoft Word so that the person you send the form can know what has changed and can approve or deny the edits either at once or piece by piece. By using the track changes feature It’s also good to know how many words you put on virtual paper, whether you’re working on a college thesis, typing a job study, or working on a book.

The word count feature of Google Docs is a perfect way of doing this. Not just how many words you’ve written, the word count feature will tell you how many pages your paper takes up, and how many characters you’ve written.

Integration of Google docs and Track Changes:

     When a Microsoft Word document was uploaded to Google Drive, ‘Track Changes’ didn’t integrate with Google Docs, so all edits would be lost, and operating outside of the Google environment made more sense.

When you toggle on ‘Track Changes’ you can see who made the change, when they made it and what the difference was, just as you can in Word, Google Doc now works precisely as a Word Doc. Also, if you save the document in Word format, these changes are displayed as Track Changes in Word in the offline form.

Track changes in google docs by using Suggest Edits feature:

     However, the process of tracking changes in Google Docs has been enormously accepted in the last few years. Since then, it has been a fantastic way for many individuals to access and revisit the same document in real-time without the annoyance of worrying if you have the “new” edition or if someone is working on a different version than you.

The Word counter function of google docs is also a fantastic feature that is used to figure out the number of words in the chosen portion of the text in track changes.

Track Changes vs Mode of Suggestion:

     The biggest complaint we have got about using Google Docs is that only via Microsoft Word can changes be monitored. However, Google Docs now has a Suggesting Mode that is nearly similar to track changes.

Edit mode, where you overwrite any changes online, is the default mode for all docs. But you can move to the Suggest method and create stuff for inspection, approval, etc. if you want to edit a document for others and show your modifications.

So, Google Docs is perfect for tracking changes because of its online communication abilities and ability to revert.

Process of Track Changes in google docs by using Suggest Edits feature:

     Track Changes “is the name of the editing tracker for Microsoft Word, used by many writers long before transitioning to more collaborative Docs.”

It’s easy and quick to use.

  • You can see a pencil icon button in the upper right-hand corner of the screen when you’re in a doc.Track Changes in Google Docs
  • Click this button, and a drop-down menu will appear, allowing you to switch between multiple functions which include editing, suggesting, and viewing.Easy Ways to Make Track Changes in Google Docs 1
  • Simply select Suggest mode and make changes to the doc text to suggest an edit: add words, modify fonts, remove paragraphs, etc. Easy Ways to Make Track Changes in Google Docs 2
  • Your modifications will be outlined, and next to them, a revision box will pop up showing the date and time you made these modifications and what exact changes were made.Easy Ways to Make Track 3 Changes in Google Docs

      If you work on your eBook with an editor, collaborate on a multiple case study with another writer or work with a blog executive team to get content ready for publishing, Track Changes and Word count features are worth checking out.

Pros and Cons of Track Changes in google docs:

    I feel that Google Docs enables real-time communication, a history of changes, monitoring changes, auto-saving, working from anywhere by using this tool.

Easy to manage changes several times:

    The Track Changes feature in Word lets you keep a record of the changes that have been made to a text. You may then opt to support the changes or to reject them. It is a helpful tool to manage changes to the same document made by several editors.


  You may work together on the same document in the track changes feature—no more passing around individual Word files that only one person can access at a time.

Saving automatically:

   Records are stored in real-time, removing the need to archive a paper. Usually, Word Docs also save automatically now, but there is always a risk that any modifications will be lost.

Working feasibility:

   You can quickly load documents from anywhere on the phone, tablet, laptop, and function.

Offline work:

   If you don’t have the internet, you can still work offline and upload when you have access.

Track changes also have some drawbacks:

A modern framework:

     Google Docs is the latest framework. And you’re going to need to know to use the tool. It is 95 per cent identical to your previous workflow, however. You will understand almost all of the controls after 20 minutes of use, and the time savings will be tremendous.

Policy Issue:

   Some businesses may have a policy of not using cloud storage for the processing of documents. It can only apply to customer-related legal matters, not to marketing pages that we create for a website. But if your business has a policy not to use Google Docs, ask for a waiver for use in live marketing documents.


    Without the need to move documents back and forth via email, it is now possible to use Google Docs with Word users using the interactive feature. By always viewing the latest version of a document, using Google Docs for collaborative improvements simply gives you another leg up on Term.

Word count is also a simple, essential tool for anyone who spends time in a word processing app in the email back-and-forth days, making it easy to check whether they have met minimum word requirements.   

Collaboration integration, shift monitoring, quick access from anywhere, and less confusion make it possible for us to more efficiently manage your web content, saving time, and money for your project. For this reason, we now require all projects to use Google Docs.

Easy Ways to Make Track Changes in Google Docs

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