Top Lifestyle Blogs For You To Follow In 2020

In today’s world, everybody is obsessed with technology and top marketing and lifestyle-related blogs! But we people tend to overthink them. So, let’s break all the tension with the newly emerging and, of course, another important niche of the blog: the lifestyle blog.

But we need to ask ourselves a question that if we make a blog, it won’t be successful (this is the way we think)but how these blogs came to the tier’s top spot?

Well, the answer to this is quite simple. It is because those people who are the respective owners of the blog are passionate about the niche which they chose and have vast experience and knowledge.

Many people start a blog in a niche that they are not experienced in, and when they face failure, they blame their luck. You will obviously on failure’s side whenever you chose something without experience because the experience is the key to success.

So, if you are in the fitness, food, or parenting niche—and other things like this—you are going to get a boon now! This article is going to be a comprehensive list of the best lifestyle blogs.

But first, why lifestyle?

As you asked, it seems that you are quite intelligent. And I’m extremely proud to have intelligent folks like you reading this article.

So, you must already be following tech-blogs nowadays(everyone does even I)and YouTube channels. With the emergence of technology, people have forgotten about life and how to lead a good one. A healthy lifestyle is a key factor for your moral, emotional, physical, and mental growth. It is very much important to follow some blogs then.

“Live with no

                 excuses and

                             travel with

                                             no regrets”

                                                              ~ Oscar Wilde

Another factor to consider will be that the reading of tech-blogs and other things have made life boring now. So, why not we dive into our lives and others, too see how the worlds are moving together! Why not see the indigenous life of people form their own country!

And before that, what does the term “lifestyle blog” means?

What are Lifestyle blogs and top blogs you need to follow?

While talking about lifestyle blogs, many people think of it as a top blog associated with fashion.


It is not so.

 It’s actually related to all things that are related to a modern-day life such as food, shopping, haircare, skincare, DIY, Decor, fitness, fashion, and many more things which help our life to be creative.

They can be personal blogs, too, i.e., they share personal experiences. But it is not necessary as it can out of the box too(and it’s necessary for a new hit!)

Females most often run these blogs (as there are more female lifestyle blogs out there)

So, finally, I present you the list of those 22 top lifestyle blogs in 2020:

1. Barefoot Blonde

This blog is probably the most popular in the lifestyle niche and is run by Amber Fillerup Clark. She lives in Arizona with her husband David, three kids, and her dog Chauncey.

Besides, she also runs a haircare business and posts about travel, beauty, haircare, personal thoughts.

2. A cup of Jo

Once started as a weekend hobby by Joanna Goddard, this site has seen immense growth in organic traffic just within a few years.

Joanna Goddard lives with her husband and her two children in Brooklyn.

She was formerly used to work in the Cosmopolitan, which gave her the editorial abilities to transform the site into something huge.

Forbes, Refinery 29, People, and many more magazines have already called her the queen of the blogosphere.

She posts on topics like style, design, food, travel, relationships, and motherhood. Her blog is definitely worth checking at least once.

3. Gal Meets Glam

This site was started by Julia Engel during her junior college days and has now grown into something huge for her. This site has a  focus on glamour and beauty. In 2018 this site launched its own collections of design, and now it is highly praised for that. Julia strives to make her site even more fascinating in the future. Julia lives in San Francisco.

The site has a feminine look everywhere, whether it be the loading screen or the content.

This blog is the best for people who are interested and are looking for something deep, specifically in the beauty and glamour micro-niche.

4. The Skinny Confidential

Lauryn Evarts Bossticks runs this site. And we must agree that she is quite successful in life. Why?

Well, because she also runs a podcast with her husband named The Skinny Confidential Him & Her, and it has been downloaded by 55 million people worldwide(not joking). Her blog is featured by SHAPE, People, and all other reputable magazines. She is working with other brands and is also keeping her concentration around posting daily content.

Her website’s UI is a mix of pink, white, and black, which looks pretty feminine as it should be.

Her blog is mostly centered around fitness, body, healthy food recipes, and beauty.

And is another pick for people looking for something in the women’s fitness niche.

5.  Corporette

This site was started in 2008 by Kat Griffin, who was a litigator(legal worker) at that moment.

And the fact that the site was run anonymously till 2010 is somewhat awkward. But after that, she is running the blog with full confidence.

The site has posts related to career, fashion, and recently added work from home tips. This site is perfect for “overachieving chicks,” as they call it.

6. The Blond salad

This blog was started in 2015 by two people named Chiara Ferragni and Ricardo  Pozzoli.

They center their blog around lifestyle, fashion, and beauty. They earned a huge amount of revenue in their starting year(what makes you think you can’t do it!)and has an immense number of daily visitors now.

The site is quite successful on Instagram and all other social media sites.

And Chiara Ferragni(don’t mess up with Ferrari) is one of the most influential and paid bloggers breathing right now.

6. The LDN Diaries

Finally! Finally, a blog out of America. Yes, this is a blog which is based on London.

This blog is a combo for people who are looking for a single best site which has to offer everything related to lifestyle.

Yes! They post about travel, lifestyle, food, fashion, beauty, and almost everything.

This blog has been featured in Vuelio’s Top Ten London Lifestyle Blogs and has been so for three years. Which perhaps is giving you an idea that what is the level of this blog.

This is also featured in posts like Time Out, Huffington Post, and the Daily Mail and was most recently shortlisted for Best Beauty at the Pinterest Awards 2019.

So, obviously it is worth checking.

7. Katie Did What

Back to the US again!

Katie Michelle started this blog. And is run by her along with her husband, Zack. She also has three babies. She used to live in Paris during her junior college days.

Her blog is one of the most interesting and has the most engaging content.

She and her wife have a real passion for making others start a blog! That’s why she has created some posts for you people to be helped to get help with how to start blogging.

They feature blogs in fashion, fitness, beauty, life, baby, motherhood micro-niches, respectively, and all other stuff related to it.

8. Elizabeth Dhokia

This time to the UK!

This blog is run by Elizabeth, who is a writer and podcaster.

She lives in Birmingham, the UK with my husband and two cats. And she is quite obsessed with writing as we can see by the enormous content present on her website.

She features a podcast called The Good Life Unravelled where she interviews people from diverse places and helps them discover the true meaning of life.

This is a perfect place for people who are seeking something more than a lifestyle blog. Although, content is diverse on the website.

9. He Spoke Style

This blog is created by Brian Sacawa, who is a professional musician and former bicycle racer.

Surprisingly this is a male blog!


You heard it right! Finally, we get hold of a quality male lifestyle blog.

This website is very conscientious of their content as the content present is enormous and quality. The website is a perfect choice for men who are looking for a male lifestyle blog to follow.

They produce content about pure raw fashion. And they also produce content about reviews of certain products.

10. Zen Habits

This is another website for men.

Leo Babauta runs this website. Wh lives in San Diego, California, with his wife and has six kids in total(hmmm!).

The content you will find in this blog will be mostly about how to find simplicity in life. The minimalism of life is the writer’s main focus. You can sign-up for his newsletter!

11. Conscious Lifestyle Magazine

This is a bonanza for all interested in having a website URL in their pocket, which is completely centered around …everything!

Yes! They provide content that is based around meditation, relationships, yoga, art, music, travel, healthy recipes, Ayurveda, and many more.

They update their writings very often, which is enough for you to make sure that you will never get bored.

The good part is that they have mobile apps too!

12. cupcakes and cashmere

Emily Schuman started this website in 2008. She has formerly worked in many publications such as Teen Vogue magazine.

She lives in Los Angeles with her husband Geoffrey, their daughter Sloan, and her cats, which she loves.  

Things are getting huge now because this website has a team of more than eight members. This website is certainly based on fashion, food, beauty, decor, DIY, and motherhood.

So, as you can see, the areas they cover it is now your time to check their website.

13. Gen Y Girl

Another valuable website for society!

Kayla Buell found this website. Who is a mother now(Congrats! Kayla)

Her niches include motherhood, blogging, career, finance/money, wellness, and beauty.

She is also enthusiastic about making others start a blog that she has already posted many posts on starting a blog.

14. She Takes On The World

Natalie Macneil runs this website. She is an Emmy award-winning entrepreneur. And she is also the CEO of she takes on the world.

She is an avid traveler as she has traveled more than 100 countries(that’s huge). Natalie has appeared in many reputable magazines such as Forbes “Top 100 Websites for Entrepreneurs and Forewoman’s “Top 100 Websites for Women.”

Besides that, she also has taken on the Website of the Year at the Stevie Awards for Women in Business. As she has attained such prestigious websites, it is really a bargain to not visit her website!

15. This Is My Happiness

This Is My Happiness is a travel and a lifestyle blog. She claims that her monthly traffic is 60k.  Jenna found this site. Her blogs really show the experience she has in the writing field.

The writer has also worked for National Geographic Channel. She posts and updates her blogs almost regularly.

16. 2 cats & Chloe

Susan runs this site.

She posts on clean eating, diets, travel, and many others. She claims herself to be a marketing guru, blogger, and she is also an Etsy shop owner.

17. Expert Vagabond

This site is my favorite!

Matthew  Karsten is the owner and founder of the blog. He is a photographer, travel blogger, and exploring for the past nine years and has visited more than 50 countries, which equals enormous experience.

His blogs are fun to read and are very optimistic. If you are not a traveler, then too, you can find fun reading his blogs.

He posts about travel tips, travels photography, nomadic living, and the most popular post I like is 40 great traveling jobs to earn money.

If you are thinking of visiting the website—it will be real fun.

18. Finding the Universe 

This is a blog by a couple named Laurence and Jessica who are living in the UK.

Laurence is an award-winning travel photographer and writer from the UK. He’s worked for huge companies such as  BBC, National Geographic homepage, and various newspapers and other media outlets worldwide.

Jessica is an award-winning travel writer from the USA, who started her blog in 2013.

As both of them are “award” winning writer and photographer. Their site is just the result of both of their experience in the fields respective to them.

So, go and check it out!

19. A Beautiful Mess

This blog is run by a sister team of Elsie Larson and Emma Chapman. Their motto/slogan is:

Stay home + make something!

Here at this site, you can find all posts related to DIY crafts, decor, advice, fashion, and recipes. As Emma is a vegetarian, you are mostly going to find vegetarian food recipes here.

They also have a podcast show.

20. The Everygirl

The Everygirl is a website where you can find update every day or so. Because of a huge team of writers working day and night for producing content.

They write about career and finance, living wellness, fashion, beauty, blogging.

You can try visiting now!

21.Lova Taza

This is a fun place for mummies to follow.

It is run by a woman named Naomi, aka Taza. She lives in New York with her husband and 5 children and posts about parenting, motherhood, food, and travel. She regularly updates her website.

22. Ugly Duckling House

The author of Ugly Duckling House is a woman named Sarah. What she does is breaking down her house and fixing it out mostly with woodwork. She writes posts about her experiences in homeownership, including fixing issues with leaks, cutting down trees, and making her own garden bed. Sarah updates her blog sporadically but posts an average of once a week.

She also posts about yummy food recipes.


Well, there is nothing to say, at least from my side.

All the blogs listed have won several awards, or they are themselves so great that they don’t need any award to show that.

So, I just thought to make you feel relaxed by a list of travel and lifestyle blogs. The list only had blogs that produced and updated content monthly or more often. So, without any hesitation, you may start to follow any of these top lifestyle blogs. After that, you will, for sure, have a fun time and a motivation to start your own! Trust me…

This post was a long read for sure.  And as you have stayed with me—Thank you and have a good day!

Top Lifestyle Blogs Follow In 2020

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