3 Methods Of Adding A Text Box In Google Docs

IF you want to make your document’s appearance more professional and formal while sharing it with
colleagues or business partners. While preparing your documents in Google Docs, you can highlight
specific information in google docs by adding a text box to your documents and add images related to the
topic. The text or images clear your article’s attention and make your document precise and formal.

What is Text Box?

The Text box is a rectangular area intended to enable the user to enter text information to be used by the
program. The text box feature is found in many software programs, i.e., web browsers, word processors,
email clients, system utilities, etc. it allows you to move or set text in the document easily. While Google
docs are a cloud-based service that ensures the updates of the creation and editing of documents.

Different Method Of Adding A Text Box In Google Docs

The text box editing in google docs is not similar to other word processing programs. Many people ask
how to add text in different areas of pages in a google document. Here I guide you to a different method
to insert a text box in google docs.

1. Inserting Text Box By The Single Cell Table

You use a single-cell table having one row and column to add a text box in google docs. There is 3 x3 cell
in default table size, so first, reduce the table into a single cell to add your text. Then follow these steps
to add a text box within a single-cell table in a Google Doc.

➢ Place the cursor at the Doc where you want to insert your table or add text.
➢ Select Insert > Table
➢ Select a single 1×1 cell. The single-cell will appear and customize the text box’s length and width
to the required size.
➢ Enter your text in the cell. Here font color, size, and style of the text can be changed according to
your liking.
➢ Click Save & Close

2. Inserting Text Box By The Drawing Tool

You can manipulate, edit, create and format the shapes and text boxes in your whole document using a
drawing tool. It is not a direct method but yet still easy to insert a text box. Follow the following steps to
insert a text box using the drawing tool:

➢ Login to your google account and open your required document from google drive, then click
Insert > Drawing
➢ Click New > Text box icon to make a text box.
➢ You can create a text box by clicking. Drag the text box toward the drawing area and release the
mouse click to appear box.
➢ Create the text box by clicking and dragging in the drawing area, and then release the mouse click.
Add your required text and customize the package.
➢ After all, adjustment, click Save & Close at the top right side of the drawing area.

3. Inserting Text Box By The Shapes

You also add various shapes such as rectangles, squares, callouts, flowchart shapes, and more to your
text. And customize by changing color and line width etc. Follow these steps to add text box by shapes.

➢ Click and follow the step Insert > Drawing > New and then click on the Shapes command.
➢ Click Shapes to select the desired shape, i.e., circular, rectangle, square, etc.
➢ Create the text box of your required shape by clicking and dragging to the drawing area, and then
release the mouse click to appear.
➢ Double-click anywhere within the shape and enter your required text.
➢ After all, drawing, click Save & Close to insert it into the document.


Where Is The Text Box In Google Docs?

Text box present in the drop-down Drawing command of the Insert menu at the toolbar’s top.

How Do You Put A Text Box On A Picture In Google Docs?

Go to Insert > Drawing. Paste (Ctrl+ V) the image in the drawing application. Select the Text tool, drag the text box to the position you want to write on the image, and type your text.

How I Set The Size Order Of The Text Box?

Use Bring forward or Send backward to resize the overlap or deform shapes and get the desired ordering.

Can You Draw In Google Docs?

YES, You can draw and write notes on Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides, etc.

How Can I Add In Text Box Of Shape?

Select a shape and then click Edit from the options that appear for new editing. Similarly, You also delete a shape by pressing the Delete or Backspace key.

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