How to do Superscript and Subscript In Google Docs

Steps to do Superscript and Subscript Text in Google Docs

  1. Firstly write down text that you want to make superscript or subscript in google docs.
  2. Highlight the text you wrote.
  3. Click on the Format menuĀ 
  4. From the drop-down menu select the Text option and choose the Superscript or Subscript option.
  5. Done your text is formatted.
Superscript in google docs
Subscript in google docs

How to insert a superscript or subscript using keyboard shortcuts in Google Docs?

Superscript: On Windows PC, Ctrl + . (Ctrl and the Full Stop key). On a Mac, Use Command + . (Command and the Full Stop key).

Subscript: On Windows PC, press Ctrl + , (Ctrl and the comma key). On a Mac, Use Command + , (Command and the comma key).

How to insert Special characters in Google Docs using Superscript or Subscript?

1. Place the cursor on the document where you want special characters.
2. From the menu select Insert and click on Special Characters.
3. Click on the third rightmost option and form drop-down menu select Superscript or Subscript option.
4. Lastly, select the symbol that you want to add and it will appear on docs.

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