How to Strikethrough Text In Google Docs

Google docs are cloud base world processor, while Strikethrough is a formatting tool offer by google docs. Is a prevalent expression used by writers worldwide, primarily to convey different opinions about writing. Strikethrough in google docs makes your content appealing and readable.

What is Strikethrough?

Strikethrough is the formatting character in google docs that cross and select the word or phrase with the horizontal line but does not entirely change the original text. Its function is to show updated ideas or add emphasis as it is format so it can be removed easily. Like Me

How to Strikethrough in Google Docs?

The mixed thoughts ‘could I write this word or sentence in a better way ?’ or should I keep this part or remove it? Run through most people’s minds while editing. Here learn how to get help from Strikethrough and the following step to make your writing stand out.

Step 1. Open your document

First of all, go to your google drive or login in to your google account. Open your document to which you would like to add Strikethrough

Step 2. Select and Highlight the text

Select the line, paragraph, or whole document that you would like to draw a line through. Your required text will be highlighted by dragging your cursor over the text. By triple-clicking or use Ctrl + A key anywhere, you highlight the entire paragraph.

Step 3. Click “Format”

Next, Go to the horizontal toolbar at the top of the window. Move your cursor towards the “Format” tab and Click

Step 4. Choose “Text,” then select “Strikethrough.”

After clicking on “Format,” there appears a drop-down menu. Go down the list and move the cursor over the “Text” button. Select the “Strikethrough” option in another pop-up menu.

Step 5. Double Check

After doing all the above steps, just double check that your all highlighted text has a line through it or not. You will successfully apply the strikethrough command in google documents if there is a whole line through your highlighted text.

Strikethrough Google Docs

Keyboard Shortcut to apply Strikethrough

The alternative method of using Strikethrough in google docs is shortcut keys.

Shortcut keys for Windows users:

  1. 1st, Select the text in the Google Docs document that needs to line through.
  2. Press Alt + Shift + 5.

Shortcut keys for Mac users:

  1. 1st, Select the text in the Google Docs document that needs to line through.
  2. Press ⌘ + Shift + X.

If you want to remove Strikethrough, then you use the same shortcut keys.

Main Features of Strikethrough Google Docs

There are a few reasons that help you to know why you use Strikethrough in google docs. This strikethrough feature can enhance your content quality and ranking.

Strike text without losing it: Sometimes, you are unsure about your writing, whether you delete it or keep it. In such a fence position, let Strikethrough do that because it keeps your text and indicates your indecisiveness.

Indicate a change: The professional writers, bloggers, or even teachers use Strikethrough to indicate the change they have made during thinking about something. It will help them to add humor or snark to their post, articles, or blogs. In short, if you want to convey something but more appropriately and acceptably, then use Strikethrough for that.

Supervise writing: if your document is too lengthy, Strikethrough can help you by marking what you have already read and has a reminder feature about the rewrite or deleted text. Let Strikethrough guide you in your creative writing in google docs.

Crossing off list items: if you need crossing things off from your to-do list as there is no more fulfilling, Strikethrough does it electronically. You will see your accomplished work on the google docs to-do list. These features will be best for list makers or business people.

Here answers to some frequently asked question from you

What Is the Main Advantage Of Strikethrough Google Docs?

It makes your writing more attractive and readable. You can balance your sentence-making, paragraph length, meaningless words and update your writing style.

How Do I Get Rid Of Strikethrough In Google Docs?

You repeat the same process while adding Strikethrough in google docs for undo.

How do I Reverse The Strikethrough?

Press Ctrl+spacebar

What Do You Mean By Strikethrough Text?

There are different meanings of strikethrough text for other people. It means cross out the mistake and also keep the original text for transparency. But some people may use it to covey their true opinions.

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