Sewing blogs from which you can get inspiration

Do you want to deepen your sewing obsession?

If you are fond of sewing or have a sewing blog, you can get inspiration from these fantastic blogs. These blogs are always some of our favorites, and there are many Bluprint tutors behind them, which means you can learn more and share that creativity on your next project and get inspired with these lovely sewing blogs that are successful.

Tips for making your sewing blog successful:

There are the following tips for making your sewing blog successful:

  • Produce creativity on your sewing blogs.
  • Use social media optimization
  • It would help if you learned how to get more followers on Pinterest to promote your sewing blog.
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Sewing blogs are becoming more popular and widespread day by day. People are having difficulty to get inspirations for getting the ideas to produce your creative clothes. We are here to help you.

Without further wasting our time talking and discussing, we should come to our main point, which is sewing blogs from which you can get inspiration. Let’s take a quick look at the sewing blogs from which you can get inspiration:

  • Oonaballoona
  • The Palmer/Pletsch Blog
  • The Crafty Gemini
  • Sew Liberated
  • Whipstitch
  • Mister Domestic
  • Tilly and the Buttons
  • Orange Lingerie
  • Mimi G Style
  • Male Pattern Boldness
  • Sew Sweetness
  • Made by Rae
  • Carolyn Friedlander
  • Cashmerette
  • Ada Spragg

Now we are going to dig into every blog which we named above.


Ona of Oonaballuna means Marcy Harriell will be the one to follow to get inspiration when you want to change your clothes. In her Bluprint series known as “Re-Fashion,” she makes boring outfits exceptional, and her blog offers ideas for unique fabric combinations and beautiful finishes. If you struggle to choose color and fabric combinations, this is the golden chance to follow this blog and get your desired inspiration from it to produce your unique clothes.

The Palmer/Pletsch Blog

If you’re looking for exceptional additional skills, the Palmer / Pletch blog can help you get them. Party Palmer and Melissa Watson lead this fabulous blog; these women are looking for the perfect fit and tailoring techniques that will allow you to rock your wardrobe in style. So you can see why this is significant for getting you inspired.

The Crafty Gemini

You may know Vanessa Vargas Wilson as the instructor in our Afghan Prism Pulsing lesson, but she showcases even more of her skills on her excellent and fabulous blog. There you’ll find clothing lessons, tips for beginner tailors, and even reviews of various sewing machines. And if your interests go beyond sewing, she’s happy with everything from pastry and papercrafts to woodworking. Isn’t it amazing? What are you waiting for? Get the required inspiration from her blog and begin to work on your project.

Sew Liberated

Some time ago, Meg McElvey decided to focus on family and sewing with conscious intention. While her articles on Sew Liberated are clearly about sewing, they are also full of thoughts about body care, harmony with clothing, and home wardrobe durability. So, if your blog is based on the same thing as body care and all that stuff, you can follow her.


Whipstitch’s fantastic blog is run by the amazing person who is Atlanta-based unique pattern producer, writer, instructor, and blogger Deborah Mobs. As well as designing clothing patterns for children and adults, she creates quilting patterns, writes books, and teaches. She also made Murder Mystery Quilt, a subscription where you can find clues and solve a mysterious story.

Mister Domestic

Mark my words; you won’t regret joining a Mister Domestic party. While her blog’s content is mostly quilted, she also offers lessons on hats and bags and embroidery and crochet projects. Let’s Talk About DIY Enthusiasts! You can get inspiration for making hats and bags majorly from her blog, as well as you can learn embroidery and quilting from her.

Tilly and the Buttons

Tilly Wallace is London based unique pattern producer and a well-recognized writer, known online as Tilly & The Buttons, made her first appearance on the popular TV show The Great British Sewing Bee. Leaping from the exhibition stand, she has since built a small empire with personal, online lessons, models, books, and a blog full of tutorials and inspiration for the project.

Orange Lingerie

As more and more people paying attention to sewing, and many start sewing bras and underwear, finding a quality resource becomes extremely rewarding. This is where Norma Loyer of the blog and the independent Orange Lingerie line comes in: she provides inspiration and advice to new and experienced bra makers through her tutorials, sewing patterns, and books. Hence, it is also an excellent opportunity to learn from this master blog and blogger.

Mimi G Style

Mimi G competes in her “She Sewed, He Sewed” series in Blueprint, curated by her husband, Norris Danta Ford. When not designing fine clothes, she runs an award-winning fashion and craft blog. There, she posts tutorials and clothing ideas that are sure to grab any creative channel’s attention and people who are n love with creativity.

Male Pattern Boldness

Peter Lappin is a fabulous supporter of Male Pattern Boldness, where he talks about men’s clothing, textiles, tailoring, and more. Post-in-depth lessons about everything you could give a man in your life. In his blog, things that are included are shirts, pants, boxers, and every clothes that a man needs. We see women’s clothing is dominant in the clothing industry, but blogs like this complement man clothing and designers. So, you should follow him and his blog to get inspiration and to see unique creativity in men’s clothing.

Sew Sweetness

If you love making bags, the Sew Sweetness blog is only one perfect and creative for you. Sarah Lawson is a fantastic writer, designer, and dress creator. While it’s not just sewing bags, that’s her area of ‚Äč‚Äčexpertise: on her blog, you can learn how to sew, organize, and combine everything from luggage to handbags. You need to follow her and her blog, see her blog posts, and you are good to make your fabulous creation of bags.

Made by Rae

The founder of the independent design company “Made by Rae” is known as Ray Hoekstra. He talks for adults and children, making his blog full of tutorials. She also handles home accessories, toys, and gifts, and her sincere friendships make her blog a great place to spend time for creativity lovers.

Carolyn Friedlander

From architect to designer of fabrics and quilts, Caroline Friedlander’s blog is filled with great designs based on art and architecture elements. Its modern design is filled with vibrant colors and expressive lines, making it very easy to fall in love with this site. You can use this blog as per your requirement and will see excellent results.


Dress designer or creator “Jenny Rushmore” set up the blog “Cashmerette” to share her inspiration, tips, and stitches, celebrating the world’s great curved channels. She believes that self-confidence can be gained by dressing in figure-based clothes, not vice versa, and helping others learn and implement the necessary basic skills. This blog is the best one for beginners of sewing blogs and those who want to know sewing.

Ada Spragg

Some blogs are full of skills, techniques, and tutorials, while others contain useful information as well. Ada Spragg is one of those blogs, just as Sophie, the creator of this blog, creates magical, architectural, and attractive dresses that are sure to blow your mind for ideas on making a wardrobe scream at you. This one is also referred to you as this blog worth it.


In this blog post, we have discussed some fantastic blogs to get inspiration to produce your creativity. All these blogs are perfect in their respective niches. They all are run by the most popular and creative as well as talented people.

The founders of these blogs are experienced and well known according to their expertise. Every blog is specific for having unique qualities and in providing information. You should check these blogs according to your needs or requirements.

So, You can get benefitted from them. The list of sewing blogs gives you the variation from women’s clothing styles to men’s clothing styles, from handbags to quilt making, and from embroidery to making stylish dresses.

Sewing blogs

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