Mistakes in Amateur Blogs with Solutions

Every blogger wants to see his blog’s popularity and growth. For this, your blog must be shiny, brand new, and informative. You have no time to waste on stupid mistakes which makes your blog an “Amateur blog”.

Such mistakes can ruin their career as a blogger. We will talk about those top-mistakes and provide you with a solution to every problem in this post. Without further wasting your time, let’s jump into it.

 At first, let us denote the mistakes in amateur blogs, and afterward, we will describe those mistakes and their solutions. So, the errors are enlisted below:

  1. Grammar Mistakes
  2. Hurdle in selecting niche (micro or macro)
  3. Ignoring blog distribution
  4. Traffic attraction through social media optimization.
  5. Ignoring SEO Optimization
  6. Ignoring your targeted audience
  7. Talking about yourself
  8. Repeating your point
  9. Having broad topics
  10. Don’t have any excitement
  11. Your talks are conceptual, not practical
  12. Your content lacks Logical data.

Now let’s talk about every single mistake enlisted above in detail.

Grammar mistakes:

That’s the biggest mistake ever. English is a global language. 70% of people use the English language for using the Internet. And if your blog posts contain usual grammar mistakes, it will not be able to communicate with people and can’t touch their pain points, and people can’t get what you are trying to convey. Always remember: Grammar links your concept to your words. If your comments are not understandable, then people will not waste their time reading your blog post. Hence, Grammar mistake is the biggest mistake which makes your blog an “amateur blog”.


You can use:

  • Grammarly
  • Ginger
  • Sentence checker
  • Hemmingway app
  • Pro writer

And other software like them to improve your writing skills.

Hurdle in selecting niche (micro or macro):

Many bloggers make mistakes in selecting a niche for their blog. Mostly they choose a broad place. Later on, they can’t handle the broad niche properly and ended in a great disaster. On the other hand, also many bloggers choose the micro-niche, and they don’t post any specific or unique information about it and hardly know about it. While many bloggers select the general niche which doesn’t seem to have any related products through which they can earn money. All these bloggers make their blog an “amateur blog”.


Try to avoid making a mistake in selecting your niche. Our recommendations are:

  • Think before selecting your niche.
  • Do proper, thorough research
  • Select specifically
  • Know everything about your niche before selecting it.

These are my recommendations on the selection of niche. I hope you can cope with this situation now.

Ignoring blog distribution:

 Also, the information is scattered and can’t seem proper in place. The Amateur blogs contain an unequal distribution of blog content. Their material lacks sufficient formatting and images are spread around the blog. Information needed in the 1st paragraph is included in the middle of the third one. All these mistakes lose people’s attraction. Hence, these types of blogs are considered inferior and don’t attract or build traffic towards them.

Content division:

 The content division is something that can be seen after publishing. It is a process of planning and finding ways to create your blog ahead of viewers. It is not enough that your blog is viewed by only a few people magically. It should be like the one that people want to read and search for it. It would help if you worked hard on your blogs to get it viral. If you compromise on this mistake, then even SEO optimization will not be able to recover it.


  • Write the content of your blog post in a proper format.
  • Evenly distribute content throughout your blog post.
  • Make different paragraphs
  • Use attractive mages.
  • Insert images properly
  • Remove jargons from your blog content
  • Use puns.
  • Properly do formatting
  • Make your content visually attractive because many people don’t read thoroughly. You have to convince them to read your blog content.

Traffic attraction through social media optimization:

That’s the biggest problem ever faced by a newbie. Amateur bloggers have no idea how to and where to find their audience. At the start, issues are always there but we are here to help you and to teach you how to fight with your problems and how you can snatch success for you and your blog.


Following are the things that will help you to find an audience for your new little blog, and also these tips will help you to grow your blog:

  • Promote your blog on public platforms through social media optimization like FB, Insta, Twitter, Pinterest, and many more. Firstly, create a separate business profile page for your blog because it contains extra features. Then, share and promote your blog through this.
  • SEO optimization: Let’s discuss it in further segments. For now, let your blog able to be searched.
  • Allow others to subscribe: If people find your content engaging and informative, then you should give them access to find your content easily after getting published. Build an opt-in box through which people can subscribe to you and find the latest update on your blog.
  • Participate in guest posting: Try to participate in guest postings from respected and great authority publications. It will increase traffic for your content, and you can build the potential to write things that your targeted audience love to read.
  • Promote it in your circle: If you have a broad zone of friends, you can send the link of your blog to them and promote your blog to your friends, relatives, and others you know.

If you don’t have a large circle, then don’t worry! Join Facebook groups to make friends there. You can also post your blog’s link there, and people can see this.

Ignoring SEO optimization:

It is the most important section for all of you and also it worth it. If you are searching for blogs and content marketing, all sites will use the term SEO optimization, and if you don’t know about this at all. Don’t worry!

 We are here to inform you about this significant key factor. SEO stands for “search engine optimization”. It is the process through which your website gets optimized, and your content will rank if someone searches anything related to your blog’s content. Now I hope you can get it why it is so crucial for your blog.

By only making your content SEO optimized, you can tell Google why your content worth to be rank and what does it contain. Many amateur blogs make mistakes in the way of neglecting this crucial factor, hence lose the importance that their content deserves.


For coping with this problem, you have to do “keyword research” through which you can get the basic idea on which topics you should write your content and see the competition with the highest volume of searches possible.

You can also use long-tail keywords; this will also help. It would help if you chose keywords that have minimum competition and the highest volume of searches. You can use a free tool Google keyword planner for this.

Ignoring your targeted audience:

One more mistake that we observed in Amateur blogs is that they do not relate to their targeted audience. If you want your blog content generates traffic, leads, sales. Then this mistake will let your blog down. You have to keep in mind that content is for the audience.

If you ignore your audience, you will ruin your career as a blogger.  When writing content, you must know your targeted audience. You can’t write about baby products if your targeted audience lies in teenagers. If the targeted audience lies in the teenage group, then you should write about them.

Their problem, emotions, needs, and other things must be your primary concern. It would help if you thought like them to produce content in your blog post. With this, you can remove amateurism from your blog’s content.


  • Before writing about your audience, make sure which you want to write.
  • Research and know which type of audience is attracted to your blog.
  • It would help if you focused on the majority that’s the only way for growth and popularity of your blog.

Talking about yourself:

Many bloggers talk about themselves in their amateur blogs. But readers don’t want it. You think that your audience wants to know about you, but the fact is they want something to which they can relate.


Always write about your targeted audience. by doing this, the audience can understand your blog. Please show your personality with your content and still keep your targeted audience in your mind.

Suppose you talk about your struggles, pain, goals. They can easily relate to you. Your content must have the power that if you suggest something to your audience, your audience will compel to take action.

Repeating your point:

If you continuously repeat your point, your audience will get bored. You have to engage audiences with your writing skills. You think if you repeat your issue many times, then your audience can see your point is the correct one. But it’s not true. You are just irritating them.


 By providing strong evidence, you can prove your point quickly. Don’t ever and ever repeat your point. Just prove it! As we know, thundering clouds never rains.

Having broad topics:

As we have talked about macro and micro-niches earlier; this is quite similar to that point. Most bloggers choose broad topics for writing. But the thing is many people know something about your general issues, and your content does not seem to provide any informative knowledge to them, so they skip your blog post and go for something specific.


Always write on specific topics and make your content information for your readers.

Don’t have any excitement:

Amateur blogs don’t have any excitement in it. Everyone wants something interesting to read. But writers of amateur blogs write anything they know and don’t bother to think about their readers.


  • Firstly, build up your writing skills.
  • Focus on your language.
  • Write something that engages your reader.
  • Write something to enhance the knowledge of your reader.
  • Write something that will be interesting for your reader.
  • Your blog content has solutions for problems faced by your audience.
  • Write your blog content in the way that you are talking to them.

 That’s it; your content is good to go for publishing.

Your talks are conceptual, not practical.

Another common mistake is blogs contain conceptual content. The writers behind amateur blogs talk about imaginative things and not provide any practicality to his reader, which is the need of their readers.


  • You should keep your reader’s requirements in your head.
  • Try to remove the hunger for knowledge by providing viable solutions.
  • You have to address their problems and suggest to them the best thing they could do to cope with it.

Your content lacks Logical data:

You want to prove your point, but you don’t have any logic or fact, then how your energy is going to be approved. Suppose you have to prove that goldfish live in water. And you are continuously telling your people the sky is blue. Water is transparent. And many more things like that. The reaction of people will be for sure like: Are you mad? What are you trying to prove?   I hope you can understand my point.


  • Try to add logical arguments.
  • Use numerical values / statistics.
  • Use Graphs
  • Use research facts

These are some points you have to add for enhancing your energy and making your blog a “successful blog”.


In this blog post, we talked about mistakes and problems that are faced by amateur bloggers and that make their blog an “amateur blog”. We discussed all the common issues faced by bloggers which make their blog an amateur blog and after discussion; we suggest solutions for each problem.

In amateur blogs, the key points are a common grammatical mistake, ignorance of SEO optimization, ignorance of how to build blog traffic through social media optimization, lack of logical arguments, lack of proper design.

The content of the blog post cannot interact with its target audience; bloggers do not know about their target audience; content is focused on conceptuality not technically.

As we suggested different solutions in each segment, here we will talk about some general solutions as a summary for remove grammatical errors, you can use software or online websites like Grammarly, hemming way app, sentence checker, pro writing, etc.

Use proper formatting style and appropriate divided content throughout your post, do adequate and thorough research about your niche, select your place decisively, choose a specific niche, find out which type of audience (majority lies in which group i.e. teenage, adults, old, males, females, countries, etc.)

Your blog attracts, finds pain points of your audience, try to write for them, not for only you, including facts, figures, statistical data, and attractive images in your blog.

Find an expert for search engine optimization, also find some experts which can do social media optimization for your blogs, promote your blog through different social media platforms, engage readers through your writing skills, try persuasive writing, full fill every possible requirement for your readers, make your content unique from others, use keywords that are low in competition but have a large volume of searches to get your blog ranking by Google or by other search engines.

These are our recommendations for you to remove any immaturity from your blogs. We hope you will find them useful and you will apply those solutions in your amateur blogs. Kindly let us know about your precious opinions and feedback in the comment section. We will love to hear your point of view.

Mistakes in Amateur Blogs

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