Lifestyle Blog Post Ideas you can easily Write and Rank

Lifestyle blog post ideas and topics seem like a piece of cake until you start a lifestyle blog of your own. Let’s just get right into it and talk about how to get ideas and topics to blog about based on lifestyle. So, if you are living a lifestyle, how can you pertain and share your personality with people through the internet in the blog post.

Best Lifestyle Blog Post Ideas

Shoot Videos

Well, there are two ways to go about it. You can shoot video, which is very personable, and you can get your point across, and people can hear your inflection from your voice. You can build rapport with people quite fast. People will relate to you, and they will be like I feel you, or I feel like I know this person that I can trust this person whatsoever. So you can build rapport or break rapport with people very quickly, which helps you build an audience.

So, incorporating videos is a big tip I’m going to give you bloggers. Also, make sure that your lifestyle blog posts are very lengthy and detailed and give clear ideas about who you are.

Don’t Copy

So, when it comes to a lifestyle blog, one of the biggest things that people screw up is they go to other lifestyle blogs, and they try and mimic or duplicate precisely what those people are doing. Because they figure if they create blog posts precisely like that, they’re going to be successful and make lots of money off their AdSense.And the reality is is that’s far-fetched, okay.

Write About smallest Thing and Expand

People go to blogs that are popular, based around their style because it’s very personable. It’s relatable because it’s personal, and it’s not somebody trying to be somebody else. So the biggest tip I could give you guys is when it comes to writing a blog post, write about the smallest things, and expand.

Make Post Around Your Meals

What do I mean about that you’re documenting your life on a blog, share what meals you’re making, and be creative? You eat three meals a day, or some of you guys only eat one, but whatever you’re eating all right, write a blog post about it. Take pictures, make videos of it, that’s content you can put on a blog post, and then write out an article about it.

Take Inspiration from Social Media

Be yourself; you don’t have to write documentary you know type thoughts or any of that stuff.

Just be yourself, document in your life. If you think of YouTube snapshot, Pinterest, think of all the social media out there.

There then think of what you post on there, and then what you could do is put that on your blog that is content. Those are ideas for you; those small things are very, very big, okay because not everyone does that. So where you eat, where you go out, the entertainment you enjoy, movie reviews. Movie reviews are huge.

Post about your thoughts, or Online viral challenges

You can post your thoughts on something, be it some social issue or anything. If there are challenges, you know those online challenges like the ice bucket challenge, do that. Be creative, get out of your box, grow as an individual, but also be true to yourself.

Depending on who you are, you know being true to yourself might mean not doing the challenge, or it might be doing a challenge but be yourself. Share things like personal issues, relationship advice. Share your thoughts on specific matters, president, world, religious views, maybe not a religion, not politics either because those might generate conflict.

But share your ideas like relationships, mindset, jobs like what you work as a job. That will grab the attention of people looking for careers or college university.

Blog About Your Routine

Blog about you and your life and what you do daily. If you think it’s boring, trust me, there’s a lot of people out there that don’t think it’s boring, and what people are looking for is someone who is like them.

All right, does that make sense people are looking for someone who is like that relatable? That’s what people are looking for; they don’t care; it was like a boring blog post or anything alright you care about that they don’t. They just want to make sure that your blog post is relatable to them in some form or some fashion.

The only way it’s relatable is not you pretending to be yourself, and it’s you being yourself, and that’s the best idea.

Lifestyle Blog Post Ideas that Rank Easily

For lifestyle blogging, here are some lifestyle blog post ideas which I have found. These are easy to rank for I have looked at the competition of these ideas.

Organized Storage Bins:

So the first one is we are looking at organized storage bins. This keyword in itself is too easy to rank for, not very easy but relatively easy. If you write an article with the term organized storage bins, you should be able to rank for pretty quickly.

  • And what I would recommend is make the main page called as organized storage bins. Write at least a couple of 300 to 500 or more of an article on organized storage bins using this keyword. So, it could mean how to organize storage bins, using storage bins for organizations like that, then make that your main page.
  • In the subpages, you can have another page which says the best way to organize storage bins. Now, if you notice that it has the word best in it, so this is a bio keyword.

If you have such pages ranking, then you have the chances of converting very high. So, you can link out to products on Amazon, Walmart, and different other websites or e-commerce sites to the various storage bins. The next thing you can do is make small pages or posts so you could have like:

  • How do I organize my bins?
  • What are storage bins are used for?
  • How do you organize a small bedroom with a lot of stuff?
  • What can you store in these organization bins?
  • Can you store clothes in plastic containers?

And what you would do is for each of these articles you will point back to the main article. So, for example, if you write a blog post on what do you put in decorative boxes, then you will have a link somewhere that says “learn how to organize storage boxes,” and you will link that back to your main article.

Some Random Lifestyle Blog Post Ideas

These are all topics which you could easily write post or pages on, and most of them should rank very quickly:

  • What do you put in decorative boxes?
  • How do we line a cardboard box with fabric?
  • What you put in storage boxes these are some ideas for storage containers

Garage Storage Ideas

Another topic which is I found that the competition is less is garage storage ideas. So, there are storage ideas also; what you can do is make a one-page and write about garage storage ideas, and this will be your main page. Then you pick up any of these which I am showing you and write posts on that.

  • What should not be stored in a garage?
  • Is it okay to store books in the garage?
  • Is it okay to store clothes in the garage?
  • What should I keep in my garage?
  • What is the cheapest way to organize the garage?
  • How do I declutter my garage?

Make sure that each of these posts is linking back to the garage storage ideas’ main page. We are creating a silo. It’s called a silo, or you could call it a like a mind mapping kind of thing. But what you are doing this with each of these smaller posts linking back to the main page, you’re going to create an authority for your main page. So, your main page will also start ranking pretty much high. I have tested this method, so I know it works.

So storage ultimately leads to the question of if I need to store first or I need to declutter.

So, decluttering storage organization goes hand in hand, and another topic or which you could look at is minimalism.

  • What is the best garage storage system?
  • How do I maximize my garage space?
  • Who makes the best Garage storage cabinets? Now, this is a bio keyword, who makes the best, and when you talk about some manufacturers and you link out to their products, the chances of people going and buying that organizer are high. You could even link out to books. Kindle ebooks are viral, and this is the best time to sell them. So, link out to books more, i.e., Book on garage organization, storage idea books, DIY books, and they will convert.

Small Space Organization

Next is the organization of a small space, and you would think that this would be highly competitive, but it is not yet. If you write useful quality articles, you can run for this. So, as I have mentioned earlier, make one page, call that “small space organization.” That will be your main page or an authority page and your subpages linking back to your main page.

From the main page also you can link to these any of these articles.

  • How do you organize a small condo?
  • How do tiny homes save space?
  • Where do you put your clothes in a tiny house?
  • How do you organize small spaces on a budget?
  • Or How can I organize without buying anything?
  • How do I maximize my storage space?
  • What should I organize first

You could make a small eBook, and you can give it either for free download, or you could sell it.  

  • How do you organize crafts in a small space?
  • Or How do you organize scrapbooking supplies in a small space?
  • Or How do you store a lot of things in a small space?
  • How do you organize a bedroom with little space?

So, these are tons of ideas and easy to rank for keywords that you can use.

Konmari Clothes Method

Another thing is the KonMari clothes method: KonMari method is a  holistic kind of method developed by Marie Kondo. Tidying up with Marie Kondo was a Netflix series which has popularized this method. Many countries are using it, including America, Germany, Spain, and India. So, this is this as a high-potential keyword, and it is not very saturated.

KonMari Shirts Folding:

If you have a page for this and you could talk about how to fold shirts. Maybe, have a video showing yourself, you know, folding shirts or have images photos. That would also rank pretty well.

Then you can write certain articles that will now link back to your compare method and also linked out to ebooks. You can say if you want to learn about the Kon Mari method, purchase my ebook.

  • How can I declutter my clothes fast?
  • Or how do you declutter too many clothes?
  • How can I clean my closet in just 15 minutes?
  • Or how long does it take KonMari your clothes?
  • Does the Kon Mari method work?

For such kind of article, if you have not accomplished the Kon Mari method yourself or you don’t have enough know-how. You can have a post about if it works or not and have your insights in that article. You can also go to Google and look at ten other websites and write about their experience. Did it work for them or not.

How do I start the KonMari method?

That is another thing where you can work through along with your book and talk about it. That could become like a daily blog, like okay I’m doing the particular category; I’m doing the books now, I’m doing the clothes now, and this is what I have done so far.

  • How do you fool KonMari towels?
  • How do you organize the wardrobe Marie Kondo method?
  • What to fold and what to hang?

That is something even I struggle with, not knowing which items could be folded and which items can be hung.

  • What are the KonMari categories?
  • Or What is the best way to fold clothes?
  • What is the KonMari checklist?
  • How do you start to declutter a hoarder?
  • How can I declutter in 30 days?

So these are some lifestyle blog post ideas I have found for you; topics you can easily write and rank for. Let me know if you want to hear about more easy ranking post ideas. Drop your comments below as we love hearing from you.

Lifestyle Blog Post Ideas you can easily Write

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