How to Check Word Count on Google Docs

Google Docs is a word processor included in the Google Drive Service web-based free Google Docs Program. You are finding a page word count and the count of characters among one of the most common features of Google Docs. I cannot count the numbers that have been allocated for a piece by an editor to a word count.

Word count matters more than we might think in the world of writing. Track changes are also a handy feature in Google docs. By using the track changes feature. It’s also good to know how many words you put on virtual paper.

It is a convenient tool to ensure that your content is long. You can do this too you can also calculate the number of words in a single line, the number of characters, and the number of pages you have.

Reasons for using Word count?

There are several reasons for considering the word/character counts for writing:

  • If you are a student who is writing a paper for five pages, and you have not yet formatted your document, then word count is the best to tell you.
  • When you write a work application essay, which includes a minimum and a maximum number of words, shall also meet the regular word counts.
  • While not as abundant as a desktop programmed, you can also use your smartphone or tablet with Google Docs and change on-the-go documents. To publish posts on the blog, text, or Twitter as well as on Facebook and Snapchat, pay close attention to the count of character.

Process of Word count in Google docs:

Google Docs did a lot to make cooperation easier. Google Docs are also suitable for people who communicate with customers in other countries regularly, for example, experienced translators.

  • Using either mouse or a keyboard shortcut on a desktop/laptop you can open the word counter for Google Docs.
  • You must first be in editing mode for your document.Word Count on Google Docs
  • You can change the edit mode if necessary, by heading to the right side of the toolbar. A drop-down box shows whether you’re “editing,” “suggesting,” or “visualizing mode.”
  • If it’s not picked, choose “Editing.” Please notice that only your documents and the ones that you have been granted editing permission can choose the editing mode.
  • Using a mouse, open the word counter:
  • At the top of the Tools page, click the tab.
  • Find and click on Word Count from the drop-down menu.How to Check Word Count on Google Docs

You can see here how many pages you have in your Doc, how many words you have in total, how many characters you have. Characters are individual letters (“buy” is one word, but three characters), which usually only matters if a work or school application needs a character limit instead of a word limit.

How to check the word count of Selected text?

You can also use the word count function to determine the number of words in a selected text section.

  • Enhance your text by left-clicking on the mouse, and drag the cursor to obtain a word count. If you have selected it correctly, the text should appear inside a shaded box.
  • Click the Tools section on the top of the front-page tab and from the down menu select Word count.
  • You will know the word count of text.

The Word Count now shows us how many words a third paragraph has compared to the whole document, and how many characters it has compared to the whole document.  If you need to minimize the word count for a particular section of your Doc, this is helpful.

How to check word count for a long document?

We can check word count for long documents also.

  • Open a document in Google Docs on your computer.
  • Click Tools and then Word count to locate your word, character, and pages count at the top of the list.
  • Select Execute to close the window.

How to check word count while typing:

  • To find the number of words when typing, search “Display word count” and then OK.
  • Tap on the Word count box in the bottom left to show:
  • Pages, Character, and Words.
  • To hide the word count, click on the Word count box in the base left and then on the Word count.

What is not included in the Word Count feature?

Bear in mind that Google Docs does not count those items in its term. It does not count anything, even though you highlight the words in the sections and pick Word count. Also, in its Word Counter, Google Docs does not count symbols like # or. However, they are counted as characters. Please be aware that em-dash only counts as a word if there are spaces on either side.

Google Docs doesn’t count the em-dash when you type it like this. If you have a document with several long links in full, be mindful that the word count of a method may be higher than that suggested by a manual word count.

Benefits of Word counter in Google docs:

Here are some benefits of using word counter in google docs:

Simple and Easy:

In any Google Docs text, Word counter displays a real-time word count as you type. You can turn it off and on by clicking on the icon in your browser’s top right corner. It’s an easy tool to ensure the suitable length of the content.

Shortcut key to check:

To find your word count, there is also a shortcut — press “Ctrl + Shift + C,” and it will pop up right away.

Easy way to turn off:

 Google states that once it rolls out to users, the function will be activated by default, but you can also turn it on or of yourself by going to Tools > Word Count and ticking off the option ‘Show word count while typing.’


Finally, Google Docs get a functionality that is already present in just about every other word processing programmer ever: word counts in real-time. Yes, Google Docs also has a word count tool; however, it allows users to click through the menu manually any time they want to see it. The new addition adds the word counter, allowing users to see it at a glance, to the main editor screen.

Not just how many words you’ve written, the word count feature will tell you how many pages your paper takes up, and how many characters you’ve penned.

Word Count on Google Docs

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