How Can You Use Email Images to Boost CTR?

Email continues to be the effective marketing channel out there. As reported by Neil Patel, for an email campaign, the average ROI is 122%. 

If you are not scared of putting in extra effort, you can add email images to spice up your campaign. 

If you are not sure how to start with this, stay tuned, we will be looking at how we can use images in an email the right way.

Before that, let us try to answer some questions; 

Do your images support your brand? Have you optimized the image size? Are you using the right number of pictures with proper image alt tags? Are all your emails accessible?

Do you know the answers to all these questions? Chances are, you may not know.

First, let us build a prospect list to launch your email marketing campaign.

How to Find Someone’s Email Address?

If you are at the stage of building your prospect list but aren’t sure how to find someone’s email address, I would recommend using an email lookup tool such as is among the popularly preferred email format identifier. It uses machine learning and big data algorithm.

A Good Email CTR

The click-through rate is the percentage of users who click on a link, an image, or other interactive elements in your email. 

The average CTR is around 2.5%. 

Keep in mind that the click-through rate is different from the email open rate. An email open rate is the no. of recipients who read your email. 

The Magic Ratio for Images in Email Marketing

Many marketers believe that there is a specific magic ratio for an image to text; however, it is not always necessarily true. 

There is a probability of landing on the spam folder when there are too many images. And when you overdo, your whole domain might get blacklisted.

Maintain Consistency with Your Email Images

Have you ever experienced this? – You searched on Google, it resulted what you were looking for, and clicked through to a web page & realize the link didn’t take you where you expected.

How does it feel? Were you annoyed, frustrated?

What if I tell you that you might be doing this to your prospects unknowingly?

Check if your email images align with your brand and remain consistent throughout your marketing campaign.

For example, if you are using an orange header with a particular font style in your campaign, ensure that it matches the landing page your prospect ends on.

Does that make sense to you?

Give Importance to Personalization

By seeing emails have you ever felt that it was just made for you?

Not frequently, right?

This is how every business is doing, and you can go ahead of your competitors by incorporating practices that others are unwilling to do.

There is no universal appealing factor for a product or service; hence, you should be specific with your email images to a targeted audience.

Besides these, you must use alt tags for all your images in the email marketing campaign and pick the best format for email images.

Final Thoughts

As discussed in the article, you cannot neglect the importance of email images as it serves as an effective strategy to improve your email marketing strategy and impact the campaigns’ success.

Follow all of these practices we have seen above, and you are sure to improve your email image strategy.

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