Hanging Indents In Google Docs & MS Word

If you want to do formatting of your article, research paper, or book by yourself. You have to know how to implement the hanging indent tool. It will help your readers get through your material quickly and make your book more professional and flawless.

What is a Hanging Indent?

A hanging indent is defined as a second line indent because it set off the first line of a paragraph at the margin line and then indenting the remaining lines of the paragraph.

Why Hanging Indent?

The main reasons behind using hanging indent in writing are

  • Readers can quickly scan citation and bibliography
  • It gives a professional look to your writing
  • Make document readable and appealing
  • sets the multilevel lists and paragraphs apart from one another
  • Make proper alignment within your document

Different Ways To Make Hanging Indent

There are different methods to create a hanging indent in your writing. These are through the Ruler, the Paragraph dialog box, and a keyboard shortcut method. In this post, you will learn to create a hanging indent in your Documents to make your writing visually appealing and readable.

1. By Paragraph Dialog Box

Hanging Indent In MS word

Follow the following steps to create a hanging indent in MS word by paragraph dialog box:

Step 1: Select and highlight the paragraph which is to be indented. You can click the single paragraph, multiple paragraphs, or even the whole article.
Step 2: Move to the “Home” tab on the toolbar.
Step 3: The paragraph dialog box opens by clicking the dialog box launcher on the “Paragraph” box’s right corner.
Step 4: Enter your required value of left or right indent in inches or centimeter units depend on your measuring system unit. It will change all line alignment in your paragraph except the first line.
Step 5: You can select ” hanging ” or ” first line ” from the “Special” drop-down menu and add the required value of hanging indent.
Step 6: Click OK, after adding all indentation

Hanging Indent In MS word

Hanging Indent In Google Docs

The hanging indent in Google Docs is a little bit different in step from MS word:

Step 1. Move the cursor from the beginning of your text and highlight the required entries.
Step 2. Go to the “Format” at the top of the document and go drop-down menu.
Step 3. Select “Align & indent.”
Step 4. Further, select the “Indentation options” from there
Step 5. Put the required value in the “ indentation” and select hanging or first line from “Special indent.”
Step 6. After setting all required values, click “Apply.”

Hanging Indent Google Docs

Hanging Indent Google Docs

2. By The Ruler

Ruler is the most common way to insert hanging indent in both google docs and MS word. A ruler is a measuring tool at the top of a document used to align your text, tables, graphics, and many other elements. Follow the following step to create a hanging indent.

Step 1. You need to make sure your Ruler is visible or not on the top of your document. Click the “View” tab in the navigation bar and select “Show Ruler.”
Step 2. Select and highlight the paragraph which is to be indented.
Step 3. Drag the top triangular indent marker on the Ruler towards the position where you want to start your selected paragraph(s) first line.
Step 4. Similarly, drag the bottom triangular indent marker on the Ruler towards the position where you want to start your selected paragraph(s) second line and all subsequent lines.
Step 5. There you go! Your hanging indent is completed.

3. By Keyboard Shortcut

By pressing Ctrl + T keys, you can directly create a hanging indent to a paragraph according to your default setting. This will align all lines except the first one. You also decrease and remove the indent by using Ctrl + Shift + T keys.

Here The Answers To Mostly Asked Question Related To Hanging Indent

What Is Easy Way To Do Hanging Indent?

Use Ctrl +T for applying default hanging indent settings

How To Fix When Hanging Indent Go Wrong?

Reset the paragraph setting by using Ctrl+Q and start over again. It will reset all other things, too, like line spacing, so you have to start again from scratch.

How Do I Remove The Hanging Indent?

Select the paragraph, go to Home, click the Paragraph dialog box launcher, and then click (none) in the Paragraph dialog box to remove the hanging indent.

Where I Use Hanging Indent?

In bibliographical references like MLA, APA, Chicago, and various citation styles. Also, use to align the paragraphs and bullets.

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