Blogging Niche Ideas in 2020 You Need to Start Now!

When it comes to blogging niche ideas the limit is endless. With so many blogs out there, it’s a necessity to have awesome blog content. But that requires being in a certain niche.

This article will certainly help you with finding your dream blogging niche and understanding the niche. This article will contain the following topics which are as follows:

What is a niche?

To define a niche we need to define a niche market first.

Niche Market

A small subset or segment of the market focused on a specific product.

Current Definition of Niche

A topic or rather a very small subset of a topic that you have comprehensive knowledge about and can serve/write well. With full competitiveness and high spirit is called a niche.

What is a Micro Niche?

Yes, you guessed it right.

If not, I’ll help you. So, a micro-niche is a tiny niche of a parent niche, as the name “micro” suggests.

Do I Need a Niche?

I can even start an argument on this, and you are asking whether you need a niche.

Can you write today about otorhinolaryngology—Spell it correctly first! Then move on!—and then tomorrow about cosmology then about physiology?

If not, hell yeah! You definitely need it.

If, yes. I’m done.

By the way, did you spell that right? I’m trying to do it even now auto…hine…la…lo…

Needs of a Niche and Blogging Niche Ideas

Still, not convinced that why do you need a niche? Then, this will help you out, to get convinced, real fast.

So, it is vital to have a niche, because speaking something to a specialized group of visitors of your website, can never be the same thing as telling a broad audience which you can do with a small but expert audience. That will degrade your content’s quality. Therefore, you need a niche.

Suppose your website has blog articles about technology and let’s consider that the microniche is cryptocurrency.

Someday you also post about something marketing and of course as your writing scope is in technology specifically, cryptocurrency. You can’t write well. You wrote your best; you think that it is the best content, but it is not! There are too many SERPs on a particular search! What makes you think that.

So, what happened? These are the things which will occur:

  • Your visitors who are interested in marketing will quit and will take another bus, and while going on another bus, they will tell their fellow passengers about your website.
  • Your comment section might get started
  • You will lose leads and sales and traffic and everything else

So, now you only have bad reviews and a small group of those people, and it is hard to manage now. Because lousy quality content has affected visitors from that marketing niche and not updated or less content has forced the other niche’s people to start moving on.

Subsequently, these visitors who came for cryptocurrency gen will start to slide away.

And you will be left to a handful of organic traffic.

Now, what can you do?

Yes, there is a remedy for it, you can delete that content and make your website lively again, or you can start a new website.

Both of these are tedious, and the first one is even more because the new website will have no brand reputation. However, the second one will cost a few dollars. 

And if you plan to keep your previous sunk website up you maybe soon a subject to Google’s penalization.

Now, what does it mean?

Here is the meaning of it: A Google penalty is the negative impact on a website’s search rankings when webmasters engage in practices that are against its guidelines. Changes in the penalty may be noticed following updates to Google’s search algorithms or manual review.

Ultimately what just happened to you?

Here is the in-depth analysis of possibilities of what can happen, done point-by-point:

  • You have already lost the traffic, and you are wondering what you can do
  • You are having intense insomnia and thinking whether you are already penalized by Google or you are going to be, or will you ever be, or is it just a nightmare preventing you to restart the gears!
  • You finally come to the point where you have to shout G-B-C-W.

Note(for people who didn’t get the meaning of GBCW. Others move on)— It’s an acronym for “GoodBye Cruel World!”. Often found on blogs or forums when a member disagrees with a particular subject to such a degree that they decide to leave the forum/blog forever as declared by an urban dictionary.

Hence, we move to the next part…

Available Blogging Niche Ideas to Choose From

There are many blogging niche ideas to choose from. Let me clarify that here along with the niches you can also see many micro-niches. And selecting a single micro-niche is even more beneficial for your blogs than choosing many.

But if you think you are right in more than one micro-niche, you can choose them. Make sure not to exceed more than two or three micro niches. It’s better to choose only one while starting.

Warning: You can choose many micro-niches but never select more than one niche for your website.


Obviously, this is the most important niche available out there.

No one can live without it. After all, we don’t have so many maxims for anything!

So, let’s unravel the micro-niches within health…

I. Nutrition:

We need a website about food that helps people to stay healthy. You can write about specific diets and their results, diets like paleo, gluten-free diet, keto diet, and much more. Or most important, how to lose weight.

II. Back or neck pain:

Whether it’s a child or an older man, maybe, a young man or even a tough man, in today’s era of the rapid flowing technology, back and neck pain is quite common. So, Without a doubt, it is a good micro-niche to start on.

III. Dermatology aka skincare:

This topic is dedicated to your skin. Nowadays, it’s in its peak position. You will be driving most of the female visitors to your website and if you start affiliate marketing. Oh, my! It’s a bonanza coated with platinum.

IV. Hair loss

Although it’s a part of dermatology, I am discussing it separately to ensure the flow of smooth topics. It is of equal importance to skincare. Because stress, anxiety, pollution almost everything has contributed to a man’s hair loss.

V. Diabetes mellitus aka diabetes:

This one is also on the top of the markets list that I’ve picked out for you. You will never be at a loss writing about it.

VI. Chronic disease:

These are diseases that stay for a long time. This includes cancer, arthritis, and osteoporosis, aka fragile bones. They are very popular in the older generation and there are a lot of supplements, exercise requirements available. You can write about disease management, product reviews, general awareness articles.

VII. Cardiovascular disease, aka CVD:

These diseases are related to the heart. As heart diseases are increasing day-by-day, you are likely to get more traffic on your website. However, experience in this field is a necessity for writing quality ensured content.

So, those were the micro niches related to health . Let’s get into lifestyle now.

2.    Lifestyle

How a person or a group of people lives and works. Many people are trying to adopt a healthy lifestyle these days. A comfortable/lavish lifestyle as defined by the Oxford Dictionary.

So, let’s discover the possibilities and micro-niches in the area…

I. Fashion- Humanities’ oldest trait—fashion. Is evolving since its origin people then used to wear animal hide and now they wear the same thing in a different way to express their lifestyle.

II. Parenting– It is undoubtedly a profitable niche. There are already more than 7.8 billion people living on earth, and it is only going to increase. So, if you have children, then, it’s an easy and profitable niche for you.

III. Travel- The surface area of the earth is 510.1 million km². So why not try different regions—this question has served humanity to navigate throughout the globe with awesomeness. And it is currently a real fad show. Affiliate sales are stuffed in this category.

IV. Fitness- While being closely related to health, it is actually a part of our daily routine now. Everybody wants to lose some weight and show their six-pack abs. So, you should get started now.

V. Life hacks and DIY crafts- As you know already life is short and time is even more so, to save time everybody wants some hacks within their pockets. So, if you have honed your skill already in writing about DIY crafts or life hacks. Now is a good time to get started.

3.    Technology

If you are already a techno-savvy person like me, it’s obviously going to give a headstart to you.

So let’s start…

I. Pc-build up for gamers: Gaming has already had a huge impact on today’s teens, and it is imperative to have a good computer for playing the latest games. So, you can start to make traffic by uploading content like how to build a good pc and other stuff.

II. Game reviews: You can also play games and upload your content such as reviews and overall user experience and all other technical things. It’s also recommended to have a YouTube channel and or a Twitch account for this purpose

III.Camera guide: Cameras always keep a man evergreen. But while buying them, there are a lot of dilemmas. So, if you have experience with it will be good for you. Besides that, it is also fun.

IV. Cybersecurity: Yes you can start writing in this micro-niche. It is extremely popular nowadays and you can earn a significant amount of traffic.

V. Tech support: Many people are still trying to get adapted to technology, but they are not successful because they are of another generation. And we sincerely have to guide them.

VI. Robotics: This is another techno-savvy blog topic for people with the same quality.

So, after this, let’s move on to the product reviews part…

4. Product reviews niche

We always buy something when it is already bought by someone else. And it has some good reviews. Write goof product reviews and get ready to get a lot of traffic and dollars.

I. Books: Yes, the amount of people reading books is still huge. And gathering their traffic is more than enough for your website. So, by starting a lit blog, you will make a lot of profit.

II. Movie: The same idea applies for film and it is also a topic where you will get tons of content.

III. Food: Yes, it’s a great form of entertainment to see people eat diverse food from diverse places. And if you can do it you win.

5. Science

Science is continually making progress and to understand that people need guidance. So, it’s also a profitable niche.

I. Biology: Yes, students will be attracted for homework.

II. Chemistry: Neutron…proton whatever students always want help with chemistry so that you can take your chance in this.

III. Physics: Remember Newton’s laws. Oh! Such a tough thing they were for people like us it’s still tough, and they need help with it.

6. Marketing

There are many scopes in marketing which if I define this article will become a novel. You can write about marketing tactics, discuss top marketers. Don’t forget it is the era of digital marketing and everybody is crazy about how to master the art of it.

Profitable Blogging Niche Ideas vs. Preferred Blogging Niche Ideas

That is a really tough decision which you will have to make. As you can see, not every niche is profitable, and you never have expertise with every niche.

So, what can be done?

Well, this is going to be tough. So, I’ll elaborate with an example and will try to be as detailed as possible.

Suppose you write about technology, but your micro-niche is robotics, and as we all know that it is gaining prominence but not so much like cybersecurity. So, you may start to write about cybersecurity.

You may write it well as it is all under the same niche, but you cannot accomplish the best in that niche. So, what can be done in this case?

Well, I recommend going with the preferred and more familiar one instead of the profitable and the trendy one.

Why because you can write good or even the next in that category, and as we all know, talent doesn’t need to be in a particular niche—what it needs is perfection.

And if you have got that. It’s already done. Who knows, when there will be another technology revolution? Robots will be here and there. Then although cybersecurity will be critical, your niche will explode with topics and content. You will become like Alexander of robotics-related blogs.

The example was just to entertain you and give a rationalistic way of thinking towards your niche. Nothing is too small, its all about hard work. It will get you on that track where you want to run on.

Ok, too much counselling done let’s move on to the next part…

Choosing your Niche

Choosing a niche can be extremely hard, but I’ve some experience to help you out. There are many factors that contribute to the favorability aspect of your niche.

You can follow these steps to take hold of your dream niche.

  • Research about the keyword which you know and have comprehensive knowledge.
  • Then select the most iconic ones you find there.
  • After doing so, You can make a list of questions and then try to answer them. When you attain a successful score in achieving the marts you gave yourself.
  • Try breaking it down. I mean, select the top answered niches.
  • Now take a test among them with even more detailed questions to test yourself.
  • Continue till you reach a point when you have found your niche

It was only a basic outline for you. Everything is different for everyone, so experiment and find your niche.

Every time you search Google a set of SERPs(search engine result pages) shows up. Who has written them ever wondered? You might have but didn’t take it seriously, and now it is going to answer the question of why a proper blog niche is required or is important.

What to do after selecting your niche

You should start to blog immediately after discovering your niche. Choose a micro-niche from these blogging niche ideas and get started. Because waiting for time is going to get you nowhere.

Suppose you don’t have any blog yet and reading this for guidance. Follow along then, till the end.

Suppose you are completely new and want to build up your social presence awareness and reputation before owning your website.  It’s best recommended to use sites like Medium and Blogger which help you to write content for free even if you don’t own a blog website.

That will be their website and hosting so it’s beneficial for you and you can also make money from it! That being said, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and check the websites!!!

Blogging Niche Ideas: Conclusion

You and I both are connected to certain things, niches are just like them. They are the path you will take on your success journey. There is no destination for your blogs and their niche and their own destiny.

It’s a long time. It’s like running on a treadmill and being caught in a time loop. Never try to stop the run.

I hope, you have a clear idea about blogging niche ideas. Lets us know if you want us to discuss any specific niche. Have fun with your niche and happy blogging!

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Blogging Niche Ideas in 2020 You Need to Start Now!

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