Best Blogging Tools for beginners You Need to Try Now

Be it beginners or pros, blogging tools have become quite significant. We all, nowadays, blog. It is hard work and gets all that is inside us. So, I decided to write an article with all the information to guide you while you are new to blogging.

There are many tools already available, both free and paid. So, let’s get started.

Beginners Blogging Tools: Grammar editing, syntax, and proofreading

There’s always going to be a flame war in your blog if you make spelling mistakes, or you are bad at writing styles.

 There are many things that you can do with grammar tools such as checking spelling, editing, a cool and calm interface for focus, and much more…

1. Grammarly

Cool tools like Grammarly can save you from your deathly grammatical error and horrifying syntax!

It’s incredible because the interface is cool. Although there’s also a paid version, the unpaid version is also good.


  1. Always accurate and correct
  2. All happens in real-time
  3. It always gives an explanation for something wrong
  4. Noobs like me can also use it
  5. You can even write a whole document in it
  6. It stores your files!
  7. Chrome and MS Word extensions are available


  1.  The advertisements will make you commit suicide.
  2. The free version is not so worthy.

Final thoughts on Grammarly:

A useful tool for beginners. Although, it has excessive limitations on usage and displays advertisements. If you are a serious blogger then I recommend buying a paid version.

2. Ginger

A top-rated tool to use, though, it has a massive impact after Grammarly. Let’s check out its pros and cons.


  1. It has more than 60+ language support
  2. Premium service is cool
  3. Interface dedicated to noobs
  4. The widget powerhouse


  1. Not free
  2. No plagiarism checking
  3. Free users have only 14 times access to the site
  4. Doesn’t give any reasons for wrong grammar
  5. Poor customer service

Final thoughts on Ginger:

You may use it, but considering the battle between Grammarly and Ginger, I guess the free version of Grammarly is more useful than Ginger’s.

3. Hemingway Editor

Hemingway’s editor’s name is after the great author Ernest Hemingway. Really trust me. Now, I’ll tell you why.





                                   -Ernest Hemingway

As you can see, Hemingway said that it means that to be a great author like him, writers definitely need a Hemingway Editor in their growing arsenal. It is one of the best blogging tools for beginners.

Following that quote, it has two modes one for writing and the other for editing because writers like me often get obsessed with editing after writing a word. This tool is undoubtedly for that purpose.


  1. Fantastic system of showing grammatical inconsistency
  2. Grades your writing readability
  3. It has different scores which, when scored, also ensure your writing status
  4. Improves your writing style


It’s awesome. I don’t find anything that I dislike.

Final thoughts on Hemingway Editor:

Good to use! Excellent to use for improving grammar, and writing. The free version is quite a lot better than the others. The premium is even better and is only $19 for lifetime access. It can publish work on Medium, and WordPress.

4. Zen writer

Zen writer is the tool for writers that every blogger with fickle-mindedness needs right now. It’s a perfect tool for sticking you to your workstation.


  1. Minimalist interface
  2. Excellent soundtracks to choose from while working
  3. Cool sounds when you type
  4. The online version is free


  1. Not too many features as being a word processor

Final thoughts on ZenWriter:

Suitable for creativity and fickle-minded people. The sounds are fantastic!

5. Calmly writer

Calmly writer, again like ZenWriter, is for fickle-minded people. It also has a minimalist interface. But this time the minimalism is too much. Let’s get into criticism…


  1. Minimalist… Minimalist interface!
  2. Suitable for people who like calmness
  3. Built-in dark mode
  4. It shows the estimated reading time
  5. It also lets you choose the font color
  6. Direct print available


  1.  No options for making headings. You have to manually by editing the font size.
  2.  No option for exporting. Except saving on your computer

Final thoughts of Calmly Writer:

It depends on your work’s purpose. Suppose you need to do any kind of work that requires too much formatting. It’s not your thing because there are no options for formatting.

For other purposes, it is A-ok.

Beginners Blogging Tools for Analytics and Keyword Research

Yes, these tools can save your life for real. The headline analyzer, topic generator …OO… And what not…

Let’s dive into it…

1. Google Analytics

Everyone wants data on their website and if Google is providing it. It is always best to take data from the boss.

Google Analytics is free, and it has no complications.


  1. Free to use
  2. Real-time data
  3. Too much functionality


  1. A killing hard learning curve
  2. Updates are making the learning even hard
  3. No guide

Final thoughts on Google Analytics:

There’s no lousy talk about Google to be done, but certainly, it will be time-consuming to use it as you need to learn how to use it.

2. Google Keyword Planner

The Google Keyword Planner is also free, but it takes a Google Ads account to use it. Don’t worry! It’s easy and generally takes 2 or 3 minutes to open a Google Adwords account.

Let’s dive into it…


  1. They let you search for three keywords at a time, which is beneficial for Google’s search engine algorithms
  2. You can also see old data
  3. Data is reliable


  1. Google shows a limited number of keywords
  2. It has a narrow search filter after the previous updates

Final thoughts on Google Keyword Planner:

Again like before, you should use it… Trust me…

3. Yoast plugin

Yoast is incredible, and perhaps, every WordPress user in the cosmos has already installed it on their devices. If you didn’t know about Yoast, you are cant be a dedicated blogger. Still, read along to KNOW  about it!

This plugin is used by 5 million people worldwide, and so far, it is the best WordPress plugin for SEO optimization.


  1. It readily proofreads your text for mistakes and typos
  2. The best parameter to test whether your text is SEO optimized or not
  3. It provides protection from data scraping websites


  1. It highlights microscopic faults many times

Final thoughts on the Yoast plugin:

Now, you know about Yoast and its pros and cons so, it is highly recommended to use this as your main plugin. Millions are already using it. Undoubtedly, one of the best SEO blogging tools for beginners and pros.

4. Neil Patel’s SEO analyzer

If you don’t know about Neil Patel, this info from shall help: He is a New York Times Bestselling author. The Wall Street Journal calls him a top influencer on the web, Forbes says he is one of the top 10 marketers, and Entrepreneur Magazine says he created one of the 100 most brilliant companies. He was recognized as a top 100 entrepreneur under the age of 30 by President Obama and a top 100 entrepreneur under 35 by the United Nations.


  1. Same data as paid sites
  2. Easy to use–interface made for noobs


  1. Lacks some features

Final thoughts on Neil Patel’s SEO analyzer:

It is good to go SEO beginners blogging tool and has a great user experience.

5. Ubersuggest

In the market right now, at this moment, there are too many keyword planners, but none of them show up for free. Maybe they provide free trials, but that’s generally not a good idea if you want to make a career as a blogger.

 At the beginning of almost something, a man always has minimal resources and needs to grow with that. Ubersuggest just comes to help you with that!

So without causing any delay, let’s dive in for the critical analysis…


  • Simplified metrics for excellent user experience
  • Great data


  • I can’t think of any

Final thoughts on Ubersuggest:

Yup! I don’t have any complaints about it. It’s a really useful beginner’s blogging tool with easy-to-use features.

6. MOZ title checker and tools

It is one of the best keyword research tools and competitor analysis out there. It has a free version with limited features.


  1. Keyword tracking and analysis
  2. Competitor research and metrics
  3. In-depth backlink analysis
  4. Great local SEO research


  1. Expensive
  2. Dashboard and UX are not friendly
  3. The free version isn’t that great
  4. Nothing special about keyword research

Final thoughts about MOZ:

Useful for blogging purposes. Although, the free version is, of course, too limited. Although it is just about the whole of MOZ’s tools, let’s take a look at MOZ’s highly usable meta title checker.

It can’t be explained in words. This is the thing which is the most frightening in the world.

It saves you for free what do you want?

All you have to do is go to this link. And type the title which you wanted and press that check button. That’s all to ensure how your meta title will look on the search engine results page aka SERPs.

Beginners blogging Tools for Images and Infographics

Well, this is the most critical aspect of your blog. It decides whether your visitors will read the content or leave the website. So let’s check the freest tools of images and infographics, yes… That’s true all I will list here will be accessible without spending a penny.

1.  Unsplash

You can never stop praising Unsplash. They store premium-quality photos for free commercial use. The best part is they don’t have those goddamn watermarks. Even the first photo in this article was taken from Unsplash.

You can get any photo in HD for free:


  1. 100% free for use
  2. No hassle of logging in or creating an account for using the photos
  3. 1 click photo download
  4. No limits
  5. No copyright


  1. None. Are you nuts? What cons can a site like this have?

Final thoughts about Unsplash:

Firstly, no bad comments here. Positive things—You will never get bored with searching for quality images on  Unsplash. I just wish that it will forever be like this…

2. Canva

Canva has gained immense popularity nowadays. It can almost do everything related to editing and graphic designing. Let’s get to the pros and cons…


  1. UX great for newbies
  2. Many free tools
  3. Logo making, book cover making, banner making, infographics, and whatnot. Everything graphics is possible on Canva.
  4. GIF creation is also possible.
  5. 30- day premium trial


  1. Not all features are there for free
  2. Not for people with previous experience with Adobe Illustrator and all other software like that

Final thoughts on Canva:

A good minimalist UX experience for rookies. And excellent for creating infographics for blogs.

Although, the free version is much limited the paid version is really robust.

3. Pixaby

Pixaby is another great source for photos like Unsplash.


  1. Large database and many photos to choose from.
  2. Same as Unsplash


  1. None

Final thoughts about Pixaby:

Another source for collecting premium photos for free. And has lots of photos aka a large database.

May God bless these sites!

Beginners Blogging Tools for Generating Writing Ideas

What is a blogger’s deadliest dream? Yes, that tiny little blinking I like things on the screen. I really hate to see that thing still for more than a few seconds. But my brain makes me do that.

So, if you don’t want these to happen to you. Follow along. Let’s get into two tools that generate ideas for you…

1. HubSpot’s Blog topic generator

This is the tool you can always use as an idea prompt for your blog’s content.


  1. Easy to use


  1. You’ll be seeing only 5 idea prompts while being in a free version
  2. The prompts sometimes can be repetitive and follow a certain structure

Final thoughts about HubSpot’s Blog topic generator:

An easy-to-use tool that can be used when you are not getting any content ideas.

But it also has some drawbacks. Therefore, it can’t be relied on.

2. Quora

 Quora is a one-stop solution to any problem. You can find thousands of questions related to your niche. All you have to do is just follow the correct topics which you generally write on.


  1. Large database of questions that can be your next blog’s topic
  2. Easy to use


  1. None

Final thoughts on Quora:

It can be your solution to writers’ blogs as you can see many questions. Or you can even write any previously answer content with awesomeness!

More Miscellaneous Beginners Blogging Tools

Awesome tools except those also exist in nature so, let’s take them out from hibernation.

1. Evernote web clipper

Well, taking notes, and managing schedules is always a blogger’s headache. Here Evernote web clipper comes to the rescue!


  1. Extremely flexible
  2. Easy sync across all devices
  3. Available as a Chrome extension


  1. The price stamp is blazing hot!
  2. There are other alternatives in the market

Final thoughts on Evernote web clipper:

Well, it is obviously a good extension for managing notes but the price stamp is high enough to kill a tiger.


If you are a freelance writer besides being a blogger. This tool is certainly helpful for you. It can also be helpful if you have targeted another country as your local audience and waiting for the time to come to launch the blog and constantly looking on the internet for that legion’s time

Fox clock shows the time of different countries right at the bottom of the screen on a thin strip!


  1. Free
  2. Easy to use


  1. None

Final thoughts on Fox clock:

Nothing special and nothing bad. Concludingly, simple and good.

3. SEMrush title generator

SEMrush means money!!! But the scenario is different this time. It produces cool, catchy titles while keeping in mind the meta title’s length.


  1. You will never feel bored while blogging
  2. Extremely minimalist and easy to use
  3. No limitations and no account creation for use


  1. None

Finals thoughts about SEMrush title generator:

Extremely useful while generating titles. The titles always look good and sound realistic.

4. CoSchedule’s Headline Analyzer

CoSchedule is a tool generally used for management purposes. This is yet another excellent tool for analyzing your titles if there are good or not. It helps you to get rid of those titles which people are dying of because of overuse.


  1. Suitable for people with no creativity(Go find creativity! You’ll need it while blogging)


  1. Absolutely none.

Final thoughts on CoSchedule’s Headline Analyzer:

A minimalist tool that checks the catchiness of the title and is essential. So, go try it now.

Final Thoughts on Beginners Blogging Tools

As you have seen all the options and tools which you can preferably use in your arsenal or store for future use. It is highly essential to use them in a correct manner.

Think of it this way, you are writing on word processor a, and after sometimes you feel bad and start to write on a word processor. But after sometimes you again switch to another word processor and this process goes on and on and on but the time it took to export the file or copy and paste it in order to continue in the other word processor is definitely not worth it.

As the great author, Hemingway himself has said that write drunk and edit sober. It is highly advisable for all of us that we edit after we’ve finished our completely big otherwise it interferes with our brain’s creative processes.

Although grammar checkers are quite accurate sometimes they also falter in their process and causes which are a bad thing for your organic traffic and it will surely demote your rank on the Google search engine results page. So, it is certainly recommended to improve your grammar rather than depending on spell checkers for professional use.

Similarly, the same theory applies to content it should come from within yourself and you should never concentrate on the content generated by any content generators.

They are only for references and you cannot directly derive content from them. It is harmful to your growing creativity. You just need to figure that creativity of your brain’s right hemisphere and the rest is automatically done and the words will flow automatically from your hands.

Okay, enough of the counseling now.

Coming to the main point…

I want to say that our brain is the best tool to be used in our professions.

We should also remember that authors who were not born in the digital era they’d also write awesome stories and content, but they didn’t have access to such technology available…

Best Blogging Tools for beginners
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